Looking back: The 2019 Industrial Marketing Summit at Content Marketing World

the inaugural industrial marketing summit at content marketing world in Cleveland

An event all about industrial content marketing

For many marketers, the idea of another conference, or seminar, or trade-show, seems like an overwhelming proposition. Marketers and salespeople are inundated with events. An interested professional could easily find one a week to attend. These all have a unique hook, but the content of one is often difficult to differentiate from the last.  The promotion of them also carries a similar “FOMO” message, urging us to participate or become dinosaurs and die slowly as the new-breed takes over.

But for industrial marketers, the idea of a new event has a slightly different connotation. Many have attended events touted as “B2B”, only to find its really a B2C message in disguise.  There was really no event geared toward helping B2B companies expand and grow their business with industrial content marketing.

This gap was the genesis of the Industrial Marketing Summit.


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Building the First-Ever Event for Industrial Marketers

Looking at a heat-map of manufacturing and industrial business for North America you would easily see a large concentration of activity in the Midwest, with a significant focal point in northeast Ohio and southwest Pennsylvania. This area is home to many industrial marketers, many of whom are looking to learn, share and grow their skills with others in their field, often attending Content Marketing World.

18 Tips from Real Industrial Marketers

Content Marketing World (CMW) is one of the largest and most successful conferences geared specifically toward modern marketing tactics, techniques, and strategy.

The event is held annually in Cleveland at the Huntington Convention Center and draws an audience of 4,000 to learn from its 200 sessions and keynotes, with lots of information which can be applied to any business. In the past, only a few sessions were geared specifically toward solving the unique challenges of industrial marketers.

We felt we needed more, or at least something, for industrials.

That’s why CADENAS PARTsolutions chose to lend their experience and help CMW grow with more about industrial content marketing in sessions lead by REAL industrial Markers.

This choice is driven by an underlying belief that industrial marketing is important (and kind-of cool), even though it is almost entirely hidden from public view.


Kicking Off the Inaugural Industrial Marketing Summit – Takeaways and Speaker Videos

This year, Content Marketing World was held on September 4 and 5, 2019. The halls and meeting spaces of the convention center were packed. Notable Keynotes were Kathy Button-Bell the CMO from Emerson, Henry Rollins of Rollins Band and Black Flag and Mindy Kailing form the Office, the Mindy project and others.

As the hustle of CMW slowed down, the Industrial Marketing Summit was just gearing up. Held on September 6, the Summit filled one of the largest spaces in the Cleveland Convention Center, and had the northern corridor buzzing with activity.


Todd Henry:

Todd Henry kicked off the Industrial Marketing Summit with a message designed to light a fire under the audience and inspire them to be deliberate with their actions an employee or manager. Todd discussed 4 of the 7 “deadly sins” where people and teams unknowingly settle and compromise their work. The talk was light and humorous, while being pointed and motivating.

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Achinta Mitra:

Achinta Mitra is the owner and primary content creator for “Industrial Marketing Today” – making his participation a near necessity for the Industrial marketing summit. He is a Mechanical Engineer by trade, with an MBA in Marketing. Which is why he calls himself a marketing engineer.

Mr. Mitra is where the industrial portion of the summit kicked off. Achinta is extremely analytical and data-oriented, and it showed in his presentation. He takes a deep-dive into the unique challenges of marketing to engineers and industrial buyers.

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John Joyce:

John was the “rock star” of the IMS, but don’t let to goatee fool you, he knows his stuff! John is an industrial marketer with over 20 years of experience. He’s a strategic and savvy marketing lead with deep digital and traditional expertise, who knows what to do and how to get it done.

As Global Marketing Director for Brennan Industries, he currently oversees all marketing activities for the industrial manufacturer in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Lara Schneider:

Lara brought a unique blend of practical ideas and insightful observations on the current state of industrial marketing.

Lara Schneider is the Marketing Manager for Toshiba International Corporation’s Motors & Drives Division, where she currently oversees all product marketing activities including product launch execution, industrial content marketing, sales enablement, and business intelligence.

She has been with Toshiba for over 16 years overseeing product promotions, public relations, and brand management.

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Kerry Nedic:

Kerry Nedic was the anchor of the 2019 Industrial Marketing Summit, sharing her knowledge and experience with the audience.

As Vice President of Marketing Communications for Emerson’s Discrete & Industrial businesses, where she is responsible for branding execution, product promotion, sales enablement and communications strategy for multiple brands across ten+ industry segments.

She’s been with Emerson for 17 years, where she’s had various responsibilities including pricing management, data governance, customer support, and digital customer experience.  She is a Texas Aggie and a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

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Final Thoughts on the Event

We could not be more excited about the success of the event, and are truly humbled by the feedback we have received from those who attended.

Thank you to the Content Marketing World team for all of their help, the CADENAS PARTsolutions team for their hard work and the five fantastic presenters who took the time to share their knowledge and experience with us.

See you next year!

The Industrial Marketing Summit will return with Content Marketing World on October 13-16, 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the event.


Access the full videos from the Summit here.


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