Deconstructing the Things We Use and Buy with 3Dfindit

Everyday products are a blend of components that manufacturers make and buy. How do Engineers gather all that CAD data for these designs?

Deconstructing the Things We Use and Buy with 3Dfindit

Engineers spend countless hours designing and sourcing components for the products we use every day, from coffee machines to cars and airplanes. Each is made up of numerous components, often sourced from various manufacturers. Finding these parts involves a process that can be time-consuming and challenging.

From initial concept to final production, engineers navigate a complex landscape of research, collaboration, and innovation. They have several options for sourcing components, including redrawing parts themselves, requesting them from manufacturers, downloading from websites, or using crowd-sourced designs.

The infographic below takes a detailed look at the various stages of this journey, highlighting the dedication and expertise required to turn ideas into tangible, functional products.

3DF infographic

Deconstructing the Things We Use Every Day: How Engineers Find, Source, and Design Components


Most of us don’t think about the components inside the things we buy, ride in, and use. However, this gigantic ecosystem of moving parts is what allows us to enjoy modern conveniences. From coffee machines and dryers to cars and airplanes, the products we rely on daily are the result of meticulous engineering and design efforts. Engineers spend thousands of hours designing and sourcing the essential components that make these products functional and reliable.


The Challenge for Engineers: Finding and Sourcing Components


Industrial designers and engineers face significant challenges in designing products. Imagining a new machine is just the beginning; finding and assembling the components can be even harder. Engineers need to source components before they can start designing anything. They have several options, each with its pros and cons:


  1. DIY Redrawing: Engineers redraw parts made by supplier manufacturers, which allows for on-demand creation in the preferred format. However, this method is time-consuming and often results in low accuracy and slow revision times.
  2. Request from Manufacturer: Engineers can directly request parts by calling or emailing manufacturers. While this provides accurate data, the selection of brands and formats is limited, and turnaround and revision times can be slow.
  3. Download On-Demand: Engineers can download parts from manufacturer websites, offering very accurate and current data with a quick turnaround. This method also supports multiple formats but is limited by the selection of brands.
  4. Crowd-Sourced Sources: Platforms like GrabCAD offer a large selection of user-generated content, but this often lacks accuracy and branding, making it difficult to find and purchase parts after download.
  5. CAD Search Engines: Platforms like 3Dfindit provide a comprehensive solution, offering a vast selection of brands and products with manufacturer-certified data. This method ensures accuracy and quick turnaround with over 100 formats available.


How 3Dfindit Can Help is a powerful search engine tailored for engineering, electronic, electrical, and architectural components. It connects engineers with over 6,000 manufacturers and trillions of certified products. The platform supports on-demand product configuration and offers more than 100 CAD/BIM formats, including PDF datasheets.


The benefits of using 3Dfindit are significant. It reduces the part discovery process by up to 50% and cuts overall product costs in development and construction by up to 70%. Given that one design engineer can spend over 1,250 hours per year and $100,000 searching for parts, 3Dfindit can save up to 625 hours and $70,000 per engineer annually.


Conclusion: Why engineers need 3Dfindit


3Dfindit revolutionizes the way engineers source and design components, providing a streamlined and efficient solution to a traditionally cumbersome process. By leveraging this tool, engineers can prepare themselves for tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring they don’t just search for parts—they find them.
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