How To Use Your CAD Models as Marketing Content

Native CAD Models

Industrial manufacturers have historically focused on sales teams and trade shows to win customers. Today, however, those same customers do much of their product research online before contacting sales reps, and they use supplier websites as a critical resource to…


Theia Technologies Debuts Online Lens Configurator and 3D CAD Catalog

Theia Technologies online lens configurator

Optics company improves accessibility with on-demand lens configurator and CAD content in 150 formats. Theia Technologies, an optics company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-resolution, high-performance lenses, has launched an online catalog of configurable products. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the…


The LEGO vacuum that sorts your bricks!

The LEGO vacuum that sorts your bricks

See how this crafty engineer solved one of our most dangerous problems: LEGO blocks on the floor! It only takes one incident, and you’ll never forget it. It’s late at night. You’re creeping quietly through the house, and then it…