Anova Furnishings Launches Innovative Online Outdoor Furniture Configurator

Outdoor furniture manufacturer adds customizable catalog to allow customers to personalize products with outdoor furniture configurator.

Anova Furnishings, a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture renowned for its beauty, comfort, and quality, has unveiled a cutting-edge online product configurator, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions. This dynamic tool empowers customers to effortlessly customize and download CAD files for Anova’s product lines directly from the company’s website.

The new online configurator marks a significant advancement in Anova’s commitment to providing an exceptional digital customer experience. By integrating intuitive product configuration options with seamless CAD file downloads, Anova aims to streamline the design and procurement processes for its clientele, comprising of landscape architects, designers, and specifiers.

Catherine Wilson, Chief Experience Officer at Anova Furnishings, expressed enthusiasm for the platform’s launch, stating, “Our goal with the online product configurator is to offer our customers unparalleled convenience and flexibility in designing their outdoor spaces. By leveraging CADENAS PARTsolutions’ expertise, we can provide a user-friendly tool that caters to diverse design preferences and project requirements.”

Then configurator features Anova’s latest product line, VIBE, a minimalist design offering mixed materials such as thermally-treated wood and recycled plastic lumber. Additionally, INFINITY, known for its customizable nature, enables users to create unique configurations, from linear bench setups to serpentine arrangements. Anova’s AIRI line, a perennial favorite, showcases their signature Styx pattern and offers versatility in outdoor furnishing solutions.

Debbie Smith, the Marketing Director at Anova Furnishings, highlighted the tool’s significance in enhancing customer engagement and lead generation. “With the online configurator, we are keeping our customers engaged on our website while providing them with custom solutions for their projects. Furthermore, the integration of lead capture functionalities ensures that we can follow up with potential clients effectively, enhancing our sales process and customer relationships.”

The Anova online product configurator addresses the need for universal file formats, eliminating the hassle of converting CAD files for different design software. By offering a comprehensive range of file formats, Anova ensures compatibility with various workflows.

About Anova Furnishings:

Anova Furnishing specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor site furnishings that foster community engagement and enrich outdoor spaces. With a focus on beauty, comfort, and integrity, Anova delivers enduring solutions for publish and private outdoor environments.

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