Manitou Manufacturing Introduces Online Configurator for Ball Bearing CAD Models

Industrial manufacturer adds digital tools for engineers to configure and download 3D CAD models for ball bearing mountings and agricultural bearings.

Manitou Manufacturing, a leading provider of stamped steel bearing housings and bronze bushed bearing assemblies, has launched an advanced online product configurator  for ball bearing cad models and other products. This transformative tool enables customers to seamlessly customize and download CAD files for Manitou’s renowned ball bearing mountings and agricultural bearings directly from the company’s website.

With a focus on high-volume production and unparalleled precision, Manitou Manufacturing specializes in delivering flanges to meet the diverse needs of OEMs, distributors, and design engineers. The newly introduced configurator revolutionizes the procurement process by offering customers instant access to customizable CAD files, eliminating the need for manual requests and reducing turnaround times.

“Our main product line consists of ball bearing mountings, which serve as integral components across various industries,” stated Naomi Mamer, the Production Manager at Manitou Manufacturing Co. “With the introduction of our online configurator, design engineers and procurement professionals can effortlessly access CAD files tailored to their specifications. The ease of use helps to make the design and procurement process more efficient.”

Prior to the implementation of the configurator, customers typically relied on manual requests via email or phone to obtain CAD files. The introduction of the online tool not only enhances accessibility but also addresses the evolving preferences of modern buyers, who seek streamlined solutions for sourcing product data and specifications.

“By offering a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing workflows, Manitou aims to elevate the customer experience and empower design engineers to bring their visions to life,” added Mamer.

In addition to customizable CAD downloads, the Manitou configurator provides comprehensive PDF data sheets, catering to the increasing demand for detailed product information. This new approach ensures that customer have access to all necessary resources to make informed decisions and integrate Manitou’s products directly into their projects.

About Manitou Manufacturing:

Manitou Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of stamped steel bearing housings and bronze brushed bearing assemblies, serving diverse industries with precision-engineered solutions. With a commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Manitou Manufacturing continues to innovate and set industry standards in bearing mounting solutions.

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