Influencer Marketing for Manufacturers

Eddie Saunders Jr. talking about influencer marketing for manufacturers

Influencer marketing for manufacturers video interview with Eddie Saunders Jr. In this interview, Joseph Lewin from CADENAS PARTsolutions discusses how industrial marketers can use influencer marketing in the industrial space with Eddie Saunders Jr. from Flex Machine Tools. Flex Machine…


Superior Sensor Technology Releases Interactive Sensor Configurator

Superior Sensor Technology Releases Interactive Product Configurator

Pressure sensor manufacturer enhances digital customer experience with unique products and 3D configurator Pressure sensor manufacturer Superior Sensor Technology has released a 3D CAD configurator to enhance the digital customer experience for design engineers. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the configurator’s…


Engineering Terms Industrial Marketers Need To Know

Engineering Terminology

Common Engineering Terms Ever fall down a rabbit hole searching for engineering terms? Industrial marketers, stop the endless Google searches. Read our engineering terminology guide!   Additive manufacturing Also known as 3D printing. A technique that involves layering on materials…


What is Industrial Marketing?

Industrial Marketing

What Is Industrial Marketing? Industrial marketing is a type of B2B marketing that focuses on materials, products, and components used to manufacture end products. It also includes marketing products and services used in the manufacturing process. Select & Copy To…