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Turn Website Browsers Into
Qualified Leads


Getting website traffic is hard. Getting qualified leads from that traffic is even harder. Now you can capture qualified leads from your website to drive qualified leads for your sales team. 

Get daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track progress, find new ABM accounts, and show marketing lead attribution.

Your CAD data is valuable content

Engineers need the specs of your products and 3D CAD models to use in their designs. Give them what they need.

When engineers download CAD models through an eCATALOGsolutions catalog on your website or from our distribution platforms, they fill out a GDPR compliant lead capture form.

You decide what qualifying details you want. You get the leads so you can communicate about your products.

Get detailed analytics in one dashboard

You worked hard to get engineers and architects to your website, you deserve the reward.

You should have control over your marketing and sales data.

When you get leads from eCATALOGsolutions you get the data. We don’t sell your data to third-party vendors or to your competitors.

You can view and export the data from the analytics dashboard or connect your CRM for marketing automation.

Track performance data

Easily see how your CAD downloads are performing over time. At a glance, you can see daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly stats right from your performance dashboard. From there, you can click on Full Report to dig into the nitty-gritty details and track downloads within a specific timeframe.


Compare download timelines from historical data

See historical download data by date range. Compare date ranges to previous periods.


Month over month downloads

Monthly download report

See a monthly breakdown of downloads, product previews, files delivered, and the number of formats delivered.

See where growth is strong and determine areas in need of improvement.


Discover who is downloading your CAD models

Get detailed contact information for each prospect downloading from your website. Capture users’ names, email addresses to send them relevant product information based on their download history.

Capture user Emails

Uncover ABM accounts

Easily see the company email domains with the most downloads of your products. Use this information to determine new companies to serve and which customers need more training and resources to continue downloading your products.

Don’t let your downloading customers and prospects fall through the cracks. Reach out with targeting marketing for their specific needs.


Find your most popular product downloads

See which product numbers are downloaded most frequently.

Use this information for:

  • Focused product-specific marketing campaign
  • Research and development
  • Customer research
  • Forecasting


Top Products downloads

Top CAD formats

The CAD formats your users prefer give insight into their industry and buying behaviors. Each CAD system has a strong loyal base in specific industries.

If your top downloads are CATIA or NX files, you may have a strong base in aerospace. If they use Inventor or Solidworks there’s a good chance they design machinery.

The most popular format download overall is the Dynamic PDF Datasheets. Not only do engineers use them for documentation, but supply chain and procurement specialists use them to purchase parts.


Location reporting

Find out where downloads are coming from. See a percentage breakdown by country.


Downloads by country

A Powerful Marketing Toolbox to Reach
the Engineering & Architectural Audience

Product Configurator

Make it easy for your customers to select and configure product options

CAD / BIM Engine

Generate CAD & BIM files instantly from the cloud. Deliver over 150 native 2D & 3D formats.


Gain valuable insights to grow your business. Track and follow-up on sales leads in real-time.

3D Visualization

Show off your products from every angle with interactive 3D previews and AR / VR experiences.

3D PDF Sales Sheets

Dynamically generate 3D product data sheets for configured products. Ensure easy and accurate ordering.


Reach customers on any device with mobile apps and optimized
responsive tools.


Increase the effectiveness and reach of your catalog by sharing the content with partners and distributors.

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