3D CAD Models

Get Your Products Spec’d In By Delivering 3D CAD Downloads

Engineers are busy. They spec parts from manufacturers to save time and money.

The easier it is for engineers to select, preview, and download your components, the more likely they are to use your products in their designs.

eCATALOGsolutions online CAD catalog makes you the easiest manufacturer to do business with, increasing qualified leads and driving sales.

Make it easy for engineers to find, select, preview, and download your products

  • No hosting CAD models
  • No complex CPQ setup
  • No need to update formats

Why Engineers are More Likely to Buy from Companies that Offer 3D CAD Downloads

  • Speeds up the design process
  • Improves accuracy across designs
  • Empowers the engineer with more information and control
  • Creates an easy-to-use interface for part selection
  • Access to the part number for future purchasing

No CAD? No problem.

Creating CAD libraries is a costly endeavor, right? Not anymore.

Now you can deliver configurable parts libraries at a fraction of the cost of modeling each part from scratch. 

Our team works with your engineers to create simplified master models of your components designed with your customers in mind. These models are lightweight & protect your company IP while giving your customers the metadata they need to test and purchase the parts.

These future-proof models will remain up-to-date and available in 100+ native and neutral CAD formats and 3D PDFs. We maintain the CAD updates and compatibility across all your products, so you don’t have to.

Got CAD? Great!

So, you’ve already built a CAD library of your products. eCATALOGsolutions can often re-use your existing CAD data to power CAD downloads on your website and drive leads. We import your existing CAD models, test them, and embed them on your site.

Configure complex products and combinations

Once a master model is complete, we work with your team to define parameters and rules for product families. Those rules make the master models configurable. One master model is capable of millions of possible configurations (or more).

Using the eCATALOGsolutions 3D product configurator on your site, engineers can configure the exact part they need, preview the 3D model, and download the part in seconds. The component can be a standard configuration or a completely custom part that never existed before.

The downloaded CAD model or 3D PDF comes with your part number and company information embedded in the model’s metadata. This metadata makes it super easy for the engineer’s procurement department to purchase the correct part from YOUR company.

Easy implementation

Don’t 3D downloads and product configurators require custom web development or a new site design? In short, no. eCATALOGsolutions 3D CAD catalog and product configurator only require a simple embed using an <iframe>. If you can embed a YouTube video, you can have a product configurator.

Want specific product pages with pre-configured parts? No problem. How about eCommerce pages with dynamic pricing for components? We got you covered. What about distributor-specific product pages? It’s not complicated at all. 

Customized Branding

Use your custom colors and style on the configurator to match your company or product brand.

Concentric Configurator Branding

Built-in flexibility to fit your site structure

Catalog is built for seamles integration into your website.

Catalog pages

Catalog Level Pages

Product family pages

Product Family Pages

Product SKU pages

Product SKU Pages

Catalog pages

Display all of the products in your catalog on a single page. Enable users to visually browse and drill down into the product they need. 

Product family pages

Enable users to configure your products on the fly. As changes are made using the menu on the left, the 3D preview on the right updates to show the current configuration. 

Product SKU pages

Show off your products from every angle! Enable users to zoom, rotate and more, to ensure they have the exact product they need. 

A Powerful Marketing Toolbox to Reach
the Engineering & Architectural Audience

Product Configurator

Make it easy for your customers to select and configure product options

CAD / BIM Engine

Generate CAD & BIM files instantly from the cloud. Deliver over 150 native 2D & 3D formats from the PARTserver platform.


Gain valuable insights to grow your business. Track content downloads and follow-up on sales leads in real-time.


Seamlessly add transaction details from your CADENAS analytics dashboard into your CRM or Marketing Automation systems.

3D Visualization

Show off your products from every angle with interactive 3D previews and AR / VR experiences.

3D PDF Sales Sheets

Dynamically generate 3D product data sheets for configured products. Ensure easy and accurate ordering.


Reach customers on any device with mobile apps and optimized
responsive tools.


Increase the effectiveness and reach of your catalog by sharing the content with partners and distributors.

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