3D CAD Models

Reach a Broader Audience with Dynamic, Product-Specific
3D PDF Datasheets

Deliver dynamically generated PDF datasheets with part number-specific information and embedded 3D model. Customize the product information you give with each product family and individual part configuration with a branded datasheet.

Engineers get even more part-specific data. Procurement specialists get part numbers and part data. Compliance departments get product documentation.

Branded PDFs and Customization

Let your website visitors generate branded PDF datasheets that match the style of your current datasheets or sales materials. Use your logo, color scheme, and images.

Customize the product-specific information that’s automatically inserted into your product datasheets to give your customers exactly what they need.

Include automatically generated product number-specific 3D content, 2D content, HTML content, text content, linked content, and inserted image content specific to each part family or part number.

3D model preview

See an interactive 3D preview of the generated part or assembly. Move, zoom, and rotate the 3D model within the datasheet.

This gives visual information for engineers and procurement specialists without needing to access a CAD system.

2D dimensioned drawings

Show the size of your products with 2D dimensioned drawings. Engineers need 2D drawings as a quick reference and documentation for the parts they use in their designs.

Procurement specialists and supply chain professionals need size information to confirm they are purchasing the correct components and to streamline logistics and storage.

Part number specific specs

After users configure or choose a part and download a PDF datasheet, eCATALOGsolutions automatically generates part number-specific specifications and data within the datasheet.

We work with your team to customize the information generated to meet your customers’ needs.

Automatically include part numbers, company information, interactive 3D previews, 2D drawings with dimensions, product family summaries, and part number-specific data.

This can include product specs, tables, exploded product views, images, weblinks, and engineering data.


Part and assembly data

Assembly and part data

If you offer configurable assemblies, you can customize the PDF to include assembly level data and individual part number data.

Include assembly part numbers and individual part numbers for each component in the assembly. This can include assembly specs and individual component specs all within the PDF datasheet.

You can even insert a BOM (bill of materials) for the configured assembly within the datasheet.

A Powerful Marketing Toolbox to Reach
the Engineering & Architectural Audience

Product Configurator

Make it easy for your customers to select and configure product options

CAD / BIM Engine

Generate CAD & BIM files instantly from the cloud. Deliver over 150 native 2D & 3D formats from the PARTserver platform.


Gain valuable insights to grow your business. Track content downloads and follow-up on sales leads in real-time.


Seamlessly add transaction details from your CADENAS analytics dashboard into your CRM or Marketing Automation systems.

3D Visualization

Show off your products from every angle with interactive 3D previews and AR / VR experiences.

3D PDF Sales Sheets

Dynamically generate 3D product data sheets for configured products. Ensure easy and accurate ordering.


Reach customers on any device with mobile apps and optimized
responsive tools.


Increase the effectiveness and reach of your catalog by sharing the content with partners and distributors.

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