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Complex configuration made easy

Product configuration with part number generation, CAD, BIM, & PDF outputs


Don’t settle for offering only your most popular product variations. Let engineers configure your parts to meet their project requirements with a product configurator. 

We work together with you, to create a master model for each product with rules and parameters built-in. Engineers get the exact product they need with instant CAD downloads. You get more qualified leads.

What is a Product Configurator? A product configurator is an online product “menu” that enables website visitors to customize the products they buy.

Think of a product configurator like a build-your-own-burger menu. There’s a set of parameters that define what’s possible; the number of patties, pickles, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and so on. The list of available ingredients standardizes a scalable framework for hundreds of thousands of possible unique combinations.

Likewise, you can offer a product configurator with a customizable “menu” with parameters like size, material, bore length, RPMs, and your product-specific attributes.

A Product Configurator That Has What You Need

eCATALOGsolutions is the perfect fit for industrial manufacturers, architectural manufacturers, and electronic component manufacturers. Website visitors can configure industrial components, parts, or assemblies to their exact specifications, even if there are millions or trillions of possible combinations.

Embed & Customize

Easily drop the configurator right onto your product pages, it’s compatible with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento and all other popular CMS systems. Adjust colors, styles and fonts to match you website’s look and feel.


eCommerce & Systems Integration

Tie into your ecommerce system for fast ordering of the configured product. Display pricing, availability and shipping info from ERP and PIM systems.

Simple Parts to Complex Assemblies

Our configuration platform supports simple parts to complex assemblies for mechanical, electrical, electronics and architectural products.

How it Works

We work with your team to create a “master model” for each product family. Then, using your data, we set rules and parameters to power a product configurator on your site.

Engineers make their selections from dropdown menus and sliders. Once they have the configuration just right for their needs, they can preview the 3D model online, select a CAD or BIM format from 150+ options, and click download.

Our software crunches the numbers and works magic on the back end to deliver a customized CAD model in seconds.

You can even include important metadata with the model so the engineer has everything they need at the click of a button.

Why is eCATALOGsolutions ideal for industrial marketers?


  • 3D previews enable users to see a 360 degree visual of the configured part.
  • Users can download the part as a 3D PDF or in 150+ native and neutral CAD formats.
  • Capture qualified sales leads when engineers or architects download parts.
  • Unique manufacturer part numbers are available in the downloaded models.
  • The downloads are form, fit, and function models to protect intellectual property.
  • Master files enable dynamic updates to entire product lines instantly.
  • Can be connected to eCommerce solutions to show pricing.


eCATALOGsolutions can power 3D previews for CPQ configurators.

Here’s an example of a rule-based configurator by eCATALOGsolutions:

Electrical Component Configuration

Add power and fidelity to enable downstream users get the most from the CAD data you provide:


  • Pin locations
  • Connection points
  • Metadata built into models
  • Dimensions built into models
  • Provide EDA

Editable 3D Preview Dimensions

Turn on editable dimensions so engineers can select and preview your components until they get the perfect fit.

Try it out yourself: Click the blue pencil in the 3D preview and changing the size.

A Powerful Marketing Toolbox to Reach
the Engineering & Architectural Audience

Product Configurator

Make it easy for your customers to select and configure product options

CAD / BIM Engine

Generate CAD & BIM files instantly from the cloud. Deliver over 150 native 2D & 3D formats.


Gain valuable insights to grow your business. Track and follow-up on sales leads in real-time.

3D Visualization

Show off your products from every angle with interactive 3D previews and AR / VR experiences.

3D PDF Sales Sheets

Dynamically generate 3D product data sheets for configured products. Ensure easy and accurate ordering.


Reach customers on any device with mobile apps and optimized
responsive tools.


Increase the effectiveness and reach of your catalog by sharing the content with partners and distributors.

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