3D CAD Models

Engage prospects with
interactive 3D previews

Embed an interactive 3D preview on your website so engineers can configure the part they need and visualize the 3D model before downloading it. Put your entire catalog into the hands of your sales reps with AR and VR technology for product showcases in real-time.

Have you ever made an online purchase only to discover the item didn’t match the description?

Maybe the item was exactly as described, but it didn’t fit the image you had in your head.

Imagine if Amazon had NO images for the products on their website. Would you dig through product descriptions and tables to find what you are looking for? Of course not.

You’d bounce from any online retailer with no product visualization, right?

Likewise, engineers are bouncing from your site if you don’t have accurate 3D previews of the exact product configuration they require.

92% of engineers and architects see a 3D preview as an important factor for product selection

Make it easy for engineers to visualize your products in their designs

eCATALOGsolutions interactive 3D previews let engineers get their eyes and digital hands on your products.

Just configure the part, hit preview, and the 3D model loads on-demand.

Let engineers interact with your products

Move products around with simple click-and-drag rotation and smooth zoom. Engineers can see specific product features up close.

No seeing through solid models or visuals distortions.

No issues rotating while zoomed in.

Dimensions are visible within the 3D preview

Engineers can toggle dimensions on and off within the 3D preview. Visible dimensions within the previews give engineers the specification data needed to make design decisions. The dimensions automatically update as the engineers make new selections.


Exploded view

See an exploded view of individual components that make up a part or small assembly within the 3D preview. This gives engineers a visual of how the part will function within their project.


2D View

Choose multiple 2D views within the preview window including DIN and ANSI bill of materials frames.

Cross-section view

Let users cut a cross-section through your parts to get an inside view of the part without revealing your company’s intellectual property.

Add Hotspots to Your 3D Preview

Add clickable hotspots to your products with video links, product documentation, spec sheets, technical information, and installation instructions.

CAD Model Hotspots

A Powerful Marketing Toolbox to Reach
the Engineering & Architectural Audience

Product Configurator

Make it easy for your customers to select and configure product options

CAD / BIM Engine

Generate CAD & BIM files instantly from the cloud. Deliver over 150 native 2D & 3D formats from the PARTserver platform.


Gain valuable insights to grow your business. Track content downloads and follow-up on sales leads in real-time.


Seamlessly add transaction details from your CADENAS analytics dashboard into your CRM or Marketing Automation systems.

3D Visualization

Show off your products from every angle with interactive 3D previews and AR / VR experiences.

3D PDF Sales Sheets

Dynamically generate 3D product data sheets for configured products. Ensure easy and accurate ordering.


Reach customers on any device with mobile apps and optimized
responsive tools.


Increase the effectiveness and reach of your catalog by sharing the content with partners and distributors.

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