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CADENAS PARTsolutions Support

Quick Links:

Universal Viewer
3D Viewer Plug-In for Chrome
3D PDF Support
CATIA Macro Support
SW Macro Support
PART2CAD Support
Help FAQ

General Support

When Using the Embedded Part Configurator

We provide web configurators for many of our customers to embed directly into their website. These configurators allow users to configure a part or assembly, preview an interactive 3D image of it and then download it as a CAD native or neutral format file. Occasionally, users may need to read our troubleshooting tips regarding browser specific issues like ActiveX, Java, etc. Additionally, they may just want to know how to use all of the viewer options.

Embedded Part Configurator CAD Format Support

PARTsolutions can deliver over 85 CAD formats. Many of our customers license these formats, making it possible for users to download a CAD file in over 100 native formats and versions from the product configurator. The majority of CAD file options will provide a zip file containing the native CAD file. Two options, however, rely on CAD Macro files; see help below to learn how to open these files.

PARTsolutions Enterprise Users

Enter the Main CADENAS Support Site

As an active user of PARTsolutions, you can use our support page to keep you productive and up-to-date.

Download Updates and More
Here, you are able to download important parts of your 3D catalog Management System:

  • Updates to CAD interfaces, for new CAD  versions
  • Updates to PARTsolutions enterprise
  • Updates to PDM interfaces
  • Updates to Supplier catalogs

Get Notified When Catalogs Change
Designers can participate in our active catalog notification program.  Sign up to get automatic email when the catalogs of your choice have been updated. You decide when to download any updated catalog and load into PARTsolutions in just a few clicks.

Download Tools for Integrators
Here you will find direct access to PARTsolutions API documents and source code for customers and partners who maintain their own interfaces to PARTsolutions.

Enter the Main CADENAS Support Site

Download Tools for Integrators
Here you will find direct access to PARTsolutions API documents and source code for customers and partners who maintain their own interfaces to PARTsolutions.

Enter the Main CADENAS Support Site


Thank you for taking the time to install the new unified viewer. This one time installation takes a few minutes to complete and offers an upgraded 2D and 3D viewing experience. Once you click on the link to download, follow the prompts to download and run the installer. After installing, you will need to close your browsing session and return to the configurator for the changes to take affect. To easily return to the same location, simply copy your URL before closing the session.

Download Unified Viewer here

Key Benefits:

-Unified 3D viewer across all browsers on the Windows platform giving the same experince in IE and Mozilla browsers.



3D Plugin Support For Chrome

In order to run the PARTsolutions ActiveX viewer in Chrome, plugins must be enabled. If after installation the Chrome plugin image is present (see below), follow these steps to allow the plugin to run on the page:

  1. Click on the plugin icon in the address bar (puzzle piece with red X)
  2. Select Always allow plug-ins
  3. Click DONE
  4. Reloading the page or regenerating the preview may be necessary

3D PDF Viewer Help

Some of our configurators leverage the Adobe Acrobat viewer to visualize a U3D file when a 3D preview file is requested. This is typically introduced for customers who have difficulties with ActiveX due to IT policies. The majority of users already have this viewer available. This application will workout issue for Internet Explorer and Firefox, but Chrome has a few roadblocks: below are some trouble shooting tips.

Acrobat version:

For Windows Vista and below, Version 8.x of PDF viewer work without issue. Windows 7 V 9.x works and can be used without having to upgrade to the newer X (10) version.

Chrome blank 3D preview:

This is caused by Chrome rendering the PDF using its own integrated viewer, which unfortunately has no 3D or SWF capabilities. All is not lost: see how to change PDF viewer.

Wrong PDF viewer:

To revert back to the Adobe PDF plug-in:

  1. In the Chrome address bar, type chrome://plugins
  2. Disable Chrome PDF Viewer.
  3. Enable the Adobe Acrobat/ Adobe Reader plugin (should auto enable)

PDF wants to download:

  1. Chrome often offers to download file types rather than open them. If this occurs, you need to tell Chrome to always open files of this type. To do that, allow Chrome to ask for a location to save (if you have save selection enabled) or watch the download bar (bottom of chrome). Once the file has saved select the drop arrow on the right side (as image below) and select the option “Always open files of this type".


Now the next time you open the viewer, the PDF will be opened inside the configurator using Acrobat viewer. If you have a blank PDF, follow the instructions at the top of the page (swap PDF plugin).


This is caused by Firefox’s new PDF viewer (from V19) by using it’s own new integrated viewer which has no 3D or Form capabilities. All is not lost, see how to change PDF viewer.

Wrong PDF viewer:

To revert back to the Adobe PDF plug-in:

  1. Select the menu Tools (if hidden Ctrl + T).
  2. Select options.
  3. Select Applications.
  4. Scroll down to find Portable document Format.
  5. Change the Action to “Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox).


PARTsolutions files for CATIA V5 will be delivered in an archived folder (.zip extension) as CATIA Macro files (.CATscript extension). In order to utilize these files, please do the following:

CATIA V5 Toolbar:

  1.  Use WinZip (or equivalent program) to extract the files contained in the .zip archive.
  2. Start the Macro Dialog from the CATIA V5 Menu (Tools à MacroàMacros), or simply press Alt + F8 to open the macro menu.
  3. Locate .CATscript file by selecting Macro Libraries…
  4. Find an existing library:
    • Select Add existing library…
    • Choose the directory location and select OK.
  5. Select Run Macro.
  6. Enter the destination directory where the part will be stored.



Step 1: Unzip Folder to extract files contained in the .zip archive use WinZip or an equivalent program.

Use the CATIA V5 Menu toolbar: Tools à MacroàMacros. This process can also be done by pressing Alt+F8.

Step 2: Open Macro Dialog

Step 3: Add Existing Library

To find the .CATscript file location select “Add exisiting library…”.

Step 4: Search for Directory

Use the scroll bar to find and select file location and then press “OK” to continue.

Step 5: Run Macro

Select .CATscript file and then “Run” to continue.

Step 6: Directory Path

Enter the destination directory where the part will be stored then press “OK” to continue.


The CATIA Macro file process is now complete.


PARTsolutions files for SolidWorks will be delivered in an archived folder (.zip extension) as SolidWorks Visual Basic files (.swb extension). In order to utilize these files, please use one of the following methods:



Drag and Drop:

  1. Use WinZip (or equivalent program) to extract the files contained in the .zip archive.
  2. Drag and drop the macro file (.swb extension) into an open instance of SolidWorks. NOTE: Don’t drag & drop the macro into an open part/assembly file.
  3. When prompted, select the directory location for the part(s) / assembly to be saved.


SolidWorks Tools Menu:

Step 1: Unzip Folder

  1. Use WinZip (or equivalent program) to extract the files contained in the .zip archive.
  2. From the SolidWorks toolbar select: Tools  Macro  Run.
  3. Locate the macro file (.swb extension) and select it.
  4. When prompted, select the directory location for the part(s) / assembly to be saved.

The SolidWorks Macro file process is now complete.


Demo of PART2cad 

Now the CAD models no longer need to be temporarily stored on your computer because the desired CAD models can be directly imported into the respective CAD system and opened there. PART2cad supports all current CAD programs such as CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, OneSpace Designer (OSDM), Pro/Engineer, SolidEdge and SolidWorks.

In order to start the PART2cad application, users can select a new format from CADENAS PARTserver Community and from customer embedded configurators (when available*). Before the 3D CAD parts can be imported into the CAD program, a simple selection of the desired system is required, and the CAD system MUST be running at the time of export. All further steps occur automatically without the installation of additional drivers or software.

The application component PART2cad is required on the workstation when using direct integration. Install it during the first run. The necessary installer opens automatically. The installer itself needs Java. If Java is not installed, there will be no Java logo displayed. In this case, click on the link “Click here” to install Java.

If Java is installed, the PART2cad installation will start. There may occur warning messages. Allow the installation of the component PART2cad.

  • The messages may vary depending on operation system and administrator settings

During the first run, the direct integration “PART2cad” will be downloaded.

Following runs will open the dialog “Transferring model to CAD”. No user interaction is necessary.

Selection Dialog for CAD system

If a firewall message opens allow access.

Click on the arrow and select the CAD version from the drop down menu where the model shall be transferred.

Confirm the selection with the Choose button.

*REMEMBER the CAD system must already be started.*

A dialog box “Export using …” is opened to select the destination directory.

Select the preferred destination directory. Use "…" to browse.

CAD specific special cases

If the settings option “Insert in CAD automatically” is shown please activate this option

If the drop down menu “Version” occurs in the “Export” dialog box, please choose the version you are working with.

Confirm with OK.

CAD specific special cases

Using CATIA after defining the destination file one more dialog box to define the destination file of the CATPart is opened.

The model is transferring to the CAD system.

If the CAD system is not started or the wrong version was chosen, an error message will be shown.


When the transfer to the CAD system is finished, this message will be shown.

The part has been imported in the CAD system.

Close the message window.

*This is a new feature and is not yet available on all customer sites.

See a video demo of PART2cad 

Help / FAQ

What is PARTcommunity/PARTsolutions?

PARTserver is a CAD model service used in conjunction with many of our customers websites. They have contracted with PARTsolutions to provide this service which provides CAD models to visitors of the website. Models are delivered in the native CAD format of choice directly to the visitor.


How is PARTsolutions integrated into a website?

When a component that has this functionality is selected, visitors will be able to open the configurator page and configure the component as desired. The appropriate Order number is automatically generated, and registered visitors may Generate a CAD model, a 3D preview and or purchase the configured part. Once generated, a link is made available for the visitor to download the model in the format of their choice.


How much does a CAD model cost?

Models are provided free of charge to all visitors. However, visitors are typically required to register on the companies website before downloads can be made.


How many CAD models can I download?

This is dependant on your account type and is set and controlled by the admin staff of the hosting company.


How do I operate the 3D preview?

You can rotate the 3D model by dragging while left-clicking.
While right-clicking, drag upward to enlarge the view and downward to zoom out.
Double left click to restore the product view to screen size.
Single right click to the 3D model translucent.
Click both right and left mouse and drag to move the 3D model.

3D Viewer Options

1. Transparent drawing (line drawing) 8. Right preview
2. Delete opaque lines 9. Preview from above
3. Opaque line drawings available 10. Preview from bottom
4. Restore display size 11. Stereo rotational view
5. Front preview 12. Development view
6. Back preview 13. How to operate (help)
7. Left preview 14. Viewer settings


Available CAD Formats

Native 3D   Native 2D  
3D Studio AutoCAD >=V14
AutoCAD >=V14 Cadkey CDL> >=V19
Caddy++ SAT-V4.2 CATIA IUA V4
CATIA >=V5 R8 HP ME 10 >=V9
I-IDEAS V9 Medusa >=2000i
Intergraph EMS MegaCAD >=V5
Inventor >=R5.3 SolidEdge >=V12
Mechanical Desktop >=V5 Unigraphics
MegaCAD SAT-V2.0 VisiCad >=NX V1.0
PRO-Desktop VX (Varimetrix) >=V5.0
Proe Wildfire
SolidDesigner (LSP) >=V7.5
SolidEdge >=V12
SolidWorks >=V2001+
TopSolid >= 6.5253
Unigraphics >=NX V1.0
VX (Varimetrix) >=V5.0
Neutral 2D   Neutral 3D  
DWF Binary DXF V12
DWF Compressed IGES
DWG >=V14 Metafile 3D V2
DXF V12 Parasolid Binary
DXF V9 Parasolid Text
IGES >=V5.0 SAT V2.1
Metafile 2D V1 SAT V4.0
Metafile 2D V2 SAT V5.0
MI >=V8 SAT V5.3
Postscript EPS SAT V6.0
  STEP AP214b
  VRML >=V1.0


How do I select a different CAD format?

  • Locate and configure the desired part number by using the provided configurator.
  • In the Login area, enter your email address and password. New users will be prompted to register (if required by hosting company).
  • Use the drop down menu to select a different format.

What are the system requirements for PARTserver?

  • Accurate account details for the company to verify.
  • Supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+, Firefox 3+ & Chrome.
  • Java script must also be enabled. (2D Viewer etc,)

Technical Support

Preview screen is not displayed.

To display preview of the selected parts, ActiveX control must be installed in your browser.

[1] If ActiveX is not installed in your browser, when a component is selected, a dialog appears beneath the toolbar with the message “This site might require the following ActiveX control:…”

Click the dialog beneath toolbar to install “ActiveX control”.


Sometimes you will need to install the CADENAS part as a secondary action. Select Generate 3D preview and then double click the preview window when it fails to load. You should be prompted to load the ActiveX 3D viewer.

Cadenas ActiveX

Select Install, and then you can preview 3D components on this or any PARTsolutions enabled web site.

* In the case ActiveX control is not installed properly:
In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu. Click the Security tab.
Click Internet, and then click Custom Level button to open the Active X settings.
Check “Prompt” or “Enable” for “Download signed ActiveX controls:”.
Restore original settings when ActiveX is installed successfully.

IE Options

Manual install

To obtain the web viewer for manual installation please visit (updated 2012

2D View Missing

The 2D viewer (where available) requires Java to be installed and turned on. We advise you use the most up to date Java (min required Java 6 Fix level 16 +).

FireFox and Chrome (specific)

Java Must be installed for Firefox, Chrome etc

To display preview of the selected parts, JAVA must be installed in your browser.
Firefox 3.5 and above need Java 6 Fix level 16 +; the same version works for both Firefox and Chrome.
See below for installation process of JAVA.



Some of our configurator’s incorporate the PDF 3D viewer for improved visualization. Chrome has its own PDF viewer which is not 3D compatible. Read here for details of how to setup Chrome to view load the 3D preview.


Troubleshooting tips

I click on the Preview link and nothing happens.

Most likely the problem is that you have JavaScript disabled. See this section for instructions on enabling JavaScript.

How do I enable Java Script.

Use the following set of instructions based upon your browser type.

Internet Explorer 4x +

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools – Internet Options.
  • Click the Security Tab.
  • Under Web Content Zone, click the Internet icon.
  • Click the Custom Level button.
  • Under Scripting – Active Scripting, choose Enable.
  • Click the OK button to save settings.

Other Browsers »

  • Please refer to your browser documentation for how to enable Javascript.

How do I enable Cookies?

Use the following set of instructions based upon your browser type.

Internet Explorer 6x +

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools – Internet Options.
  • Click the Privacy Tab.
  • On the Privacy tab, move the slider to Medium or a lower setting as needed to permit our web site to work properly. Note: See Internet Explorer Help for other cookie options.
  • Click the OK button to save settings.

Internet Explorer 5x

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools – Internet Options.
  • Click the Security Tab.
  • Select the Internet zone, and then click Custom Level.
  • Scroll down to the Cookies section.
  • For Allow cookies that are stored on your computer, optionally select Enable.
  • For Allow per-session cookies, select Enable, and then click OK.


  • At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu and select Options…
  • Select the Privacy panel.
  • Set Firefox will (drop list): to Use custom settings for history.
  • Check mark Accept cookies from sites to enable Cookies, and uncheck it to disable them.

Other Browsers

Please refer to your browser documentation for how to enable cookies.

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