How to Track CAD Leads in your CRM or Marketing Automation System

On April 24, 2024, Adam Beck and John Joyce discussed the integration of CAD models into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or Marketing Automation systems, emphasizing its place in generating high-quality leads in industrial marketing.

How to Track CAD Leads in your CRM or Marketing Automation System Webinar Summary:


Adam Beck, the Director of Marketing at CADENAS USA brings experience with CRM systems like HubSpot and Salesforce. John Joyce, a seasoned industrial marketer and founder of, is the developer of the CADENAS Data Connector. Together they explored the strategic use of CAD models as powerful marketing tools for manufacturers and how contact information can be easily logged to a CRM or Marketing Automation system.


The webinar highlights the convenience CAD models provide engineers, enabling them to easily download, configure, and incorporate these models into larger designs, simplifying their processes and simultaneously while generating high-quality leads for manufacturers.


Key Takeaways from How to Track CAD Leads in your CRM or Marketing Automation System:


  • CAD as Content Marketing: CAD models serve not just as tools but as content, providing significant value to engineers who integrate these models into their projects. By offering downloadable CAD models, manufacturers facilitate engineers’ work and capture detailed lead information when models are downloaded.
  • Integration with CRM Systems: The webinar stressed the importance of integrating the data collected from CAD downloads directly into CRM systems to ensure effective lead management and nurturing. This prevents data loss and enhances the ability to follow up on potential sales opportunities.
  • Automation and Efficiency: The integration process discussed aims to automate the transfer of lead information into CRM systems, minimizing manual input and errors. This automation ensures timely follow-ups and more personalized customer interactions based on specific downloaded models.
  • Compliance and Customization: Adherence to GDPR and customization options were also covered, underscoring the ability to tailor the integration to meet specific business needs and compliance requirements.


Conclusion: Why Manufacturers need to consider CAD / BIM / PDF’s as a key marketing deliverable


The session concluded with a live demonstration of the integration process in CRM systems like HubSpot and Salesforce, showing how CAD model downloads translate into actionable leads for manufacturers. The CADENAS Data Connector by not only optimizes lead generation, but also aligns with the technical needs of engineers, creating a win-win scenario for both manufacturers and their clients.


Q&A: How to Track CAD Leads in your CRM or Marketing Automation
  • How do I get started with integrating CAD files into my CRM?
    • Answer: For those already set up with their products in the CADENAS system, they should contact their representative or send an email to the provided support address. For new users needing to get their CAD files into the system, they can reach out for initial setup assistance.
  • Does the integration only work for CAD files?
    • Answer: While it’s primarily designed for CAD files, the system also supports downloads of other formats like BIM and PDF datasheets, which are particularly popular across various departments due to their comprehensive nature.
  • What is the process to connect CAD integration to my CRM system? Is it complex?
    • Answer: The process is designed to be straightforward, involving a three-step setup that can be executed by a CRM admin. It focuses on simplicity and security, requiring minimal user input for integration.
  • How do we ensure timeliness in updating the CRM with new leads from CAD downloads?
    • Answer: The system updates the CRM hourly with new leads, ensuring that data is promptly available for follow-up, thus minimizing delays between customer engagement and response.
  • Can we build reports and dashboards to track the performance of CAD downloads?
    • Answer: While the system does not create reports automatically, all the data needed for detailed reports and dashboards is available and can be utilized in the CRM to generate custom analyses and visualizations.
  • What about handling duplicates and preventing unwanted data in the CRM?
    • Answer: The system includes checks for duplicates by verifying email addresses. It ensures that only unique and relevant data is entered into the CRM, maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • How do we deal with data from regions or email domains we don’t want?
    • Answer: Filters can be applied to exclude downloads from specific geographical regions or email domains, helping to manage the quality and relevance of the leads collected.
  • What if we have multiple brands or need different setups for different parts of our business?
    • Answer: The system can handle complex scenarios with multiple brands or catalogs, offering the flexibility to route data as required by specific business needs and setups.


Learn how easy it is to log CAD / BIM / PDF leads in your CRM or Marketing Automation system


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