Don’t Scare Your CAD Manager. Help Them Out!

Is your team weighted down by fulfilling constant CAD requests? Are these tasks piling up and taking time away from the value-added designs your engineers could be working on? Are they overworking your team and cutting into your department’s budget?…


CAD in a Box is No Parts Management

DON’T Be the First on Your Block To Try Zap CAD in a Box Whenever anyone starts a conversation with “apparently,” take it with a grain of salt. “Apparently” he sliced his ball into the rough. NO, he did slice…


Celebrating Black Engineers

celebrating black engineers

According to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, diversity among engineers can improve innovation, profitability, ethics, and customer satisfaction. However, Black people are underrepresented throughout all engineering roles. According to the National Science Foundation, a smaller proportion of Black people…


BIM vs. CAD – What’s the difference?

bim versus cad

BIM vs. CAD: Today’s engineering and architectural space is a thriving ecosystem of software, tools, and terminology. Among the most often confused are BIM and CAD. These two terms are closely related, yet quite different in form and function.  …


What Is Torque?

cyclist thinking about torque in the real world

Need help with common engineering terms? Check out our engineering terminology guide for the basics. As Andy Dwyer might say, “I don’t know what torque is, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.” The word “torque” gets tossed…


What are Digital Twins Video Interview

Digital Twins

Digital Twin Interview with Action Engineering The digital twin interview is with Jennifer Herron, Founder & CEO, and Rhiannon Gallager, Chief Social Scientist, at Action Engineering. Action Engineering helps organizations large and small achieve their Model-Based Enterprise goals by motivating…