Don’t Scare Your CAD Manager. Help Them Out!

Is your team weighted down by fulfilling constant CAD requests? Are these tasks piling up and taking time away from the value-added designs your engineers could be working on? Are they overworking your team and cutting into your department’s budget?

When customers call or email with individual requests for a CAD model of a cylinder, bearing or other part to test, it is often a repetitive snowball, as they keep asking for different versions before finding the one that fits their application.

Don’t let these requests consume your team’s valuable time! There’s a way to avoid these labor-intensive tasks while providing faster and more accurate information to satisfy your customer’s needs: online CAD drawings!

Two people stand in an office in front of someone’s desk. The office door says, “CAD manager.” The CAD manager behind the desk is telling them, “As I’ve said before, I’m completely open to new ideas so long as they don’t involve me changing anything.” Don’t Scare Your CAD Manager. Help Them Out! Cartoon. Online CAD drawings.

Make It Easy To Get Spec’d In

Today’s industrial specifiers and buyers want to work with companies that provide a great product and can help them make quick and easy decisions. They are more apt to work with a vendor that can deliver on-demand product data, high-quality product images and instant CAD and BIM downloads.

That’s why more and more industrial and building material manufacturers use the eCATALOGsolutions digital parts catalog to share their digital product data with their engineering customers to make it easy for them to spec your parts. By having easy access to online CAD drawings and real-time downloads, engineers can effortlessly spec your products into their design. This online catalog allows your customers to find, download and configure technical product data and 3D models in 100+ native and neutral formats without ever leaving your website. They simply enter their email address to quickly get the part they need, saving an enormous amount of design time by obtaining models in their exact native format, not some low-quality generic file.

eCATALOGsolutions places your products in front of millions of engineers, which expands your market reach and attracts new audiences. With access to your online CAD drawings, engineers will be able to easily select, preview, and download your components, making it far more likely for them to specify your products over the competition.

Having online CAD drawings means your customers have on-demand data, making your website a “digital vending machine” of CAD drawings. You can maintain the tools for designing and storing CAD content, and your engineering team doesn’t need to keep fulfilling CAD requests. They can instead do more design work, which is what they prefer to do.

Plus, you can deliver a “form, fit, and function model,” which protects your intellectual property.

Turn Your Website Into a Sales Tool

By delivering a great digital experience, you’ll be the easiest vendor to work with, and you’ll keep your customers coming back for more. Additionally, an eCATALOGsolutions online catalog serves as a marketing qualified sales tool. Every download contains your company information, the configured part number, and the email address of the customer. Your customer has all the information they need, including an easy way to purchase your product once the design is complete, and you have auto-generated data from MQLs.

You can also track customer activity and sales leads by mapping their email to your CRM. You’ll know what online CAD drawings they downloaded, so you can send relevant marketing content to encourage cross-selling and upselling of your products, instilling you as the thought leader in your market.

By leveraging the eCATALOGsolutions technology, you can deliver online CAD and BIM files to customers right from your website. As engineers log in to your website to get the files they need, you automatically capture their information for ongoing marketing and sales activities.

There Are Many Benefits to eCATALOGsolutions

Companies such as Toshiba, Parker Hannifin, Emerson, Eaton, Colson, and many more have embraced this unique and powerful tool. Uncover the benefits these leading manufacturers have already learned, including:


·  3D PDF Sales Sheets ·  Analytics ·  Integrations ·  Product Configurator
·  CAD/BIM Engine ·  Distribution ·  Tracking Activity & Sales Leads ·  Mobile CAD Model Catalog and 3D CAD Download Apps




CAD managers and engineering teams already have their plates full and don’t need to be overburdened. Yet you still need to promptly fulfill customer inquiries. Request a demo of eCATALOGsolutions to learn how your organization can benefit from online CAD drawings that provide customers easy access to selecting and spec’ing your products, all while giving you more highly qualified sales leads.



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