Engineering a Wacky Auto Race: What is Tuk-Tuk Racing?

A line of brightly colored, brightly lit tuk-tuks sit in a line at night. Engineering a Wacky Auto Race: What is Tuk-Tuk Racing?

Tuk-tuk racing is a chaotic, unpredictable, and often dangerous sport that takes riders on wacky adventures around the world. So what exactly is tuk-tuk racing, and how does it work? @redbulllatino ¿Cómo andarías uno de estos? 😂 Hoy en nuestra…


Engineering the World’s Smallest Nerf Gun

engineering the worlds smallest nerf gun with mark rober

Mark Rober has done it again. As always, he’s applying the highest levels of engineering, skill and expertise to solve the world’s largest problems. The problem he’s solving this time? Our Nerf guns are just too big!  In the past,…


Engineering the 3D-Printed, Airless Basketball [VIDEO]

A computer screen with a 3D model of a basketball. Next to the computer is a 3D printer. Engineering the 3D-Printed, Airless Basketball

Wilson has used 3D printing to create an airless basketball. It seems counterintuitive: An airless basketball? Basketballs bounce because of the pressurized air inside them. When the basketball loses air, it doesn’t bounce as high. Basic science. But Wilson wants…


Conquering the World’s Wildest Race: Erzbergrodeo [VIDEO]

A competitor in the Erzbergrodeo rides over logs. Their bike is in a wheelie position. Conquering the World's Wildest Dirt Bike Race: The Erzbergrodeo [VIDEO]

“To become a champion here, you have to be as tough as the surrounding stone.” It’s the race that’s been described as “ferocious,” “treacherous,” “gnarly,” and “grueling.” The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo. @redbull the last bike had other ideas 😏 #redbull…