Engineering Captain America’s Shield

“That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all!” Maybe to you, Spider-Man, but who says we can’t follow the laws of physics and still become superheroes? YouTuber Jake Laser turned himself into a real Avenger without gamma…


Engineering Wile E. Coyote Jet-Powered Skate Pack

Jet-Powered Skate Pack

Normal people don’t strap a jet engine on their back while wearing a pair of rollerskates, but Ian Charnas isn’t normal. He wanted to see how fast a human could go on roller skates with jetpack power—the first skate pack.…


NBA Teams Use Data Science to Engineer the Perfect Team

NBA data visualized

When a nerd gets pushed into their locker by the captain of the high school basketball team, neither one is probably thinking that they’ll be coworkers one day. But nerds have been key behind-the-scenes players in helping those jocks win…


Engineering Six Decades of Disney Robotics

Disney Robotics

Disney is creating autonomous robots for its parks with the help of a former Boston Dynamics engineer. When you think of robotics, Mickey Mouse probably doesn’t come to mind, but he should. For the past six+ decades, Disney has made…


Engineering and Competing in a Human Wearable Jet Suit

Jetpack, Jet Suite Guinness World Record

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a new human jet suit Guinness World record. Are jetpacks real? Jetpacks are for Tony Stark, the Mandalorian, and Sci-Fi movies, right? Wrong. The future is today. On May 24th, 2021, Richard Browning…


Engineering the flawless, one-take drone bowling alley video.

A flawless one-take drone video of Bryan Lake Bowl.

Bryant Lake Bowl isn’t your typical bowling alley, and its one-take promo video is just as unusual as the eclectic, Minneapolis mainstay. In a word, it’s epic! Filming a promo video involving multiple people requires forethought, planning, and timely execution.…