WILO Announces Parts Management Project with CADENAS PARTsolutions

After successfully implementing eCATALOGsolutions, WILO will launch strategic parts management project

After successfully implementing eCATALOGsolutions, WILO will use PARTsolutions as a global standard for strategic parts management. In 2020, the multinational technology group, WILO published a digital product catalog with 3D BIM data based on CADENAS PARTsolution’s eCATALOGsolutions software. This year, CADENAS and WILO are…


How Much Time do Engineers Spend Recreating Parts?

Auto manufacturers assemble thousands of cars every week, with most vehicles using identical standard components. For instance, virtually any OEM automaker uses many of the same door hardware and body clips across brands, as well as the same brake pads,…


How Efficient is Your Parts Management?

how efficient is your parts management

Many old stories begin with the phrase “Back in the day…”  Well, back in the day when Industrial Design Engineers, Procurement Professionals and Supply Managers needed to vet suppliers and find parts, they went to their bookcase where they housed…