Buried Under CAD Files? Relieve Pressure with Strategic Parts Management Software

It’s like he hits me with a lead brick, piling me under work with a dozer…
He’s got me buried under CAD files, that seem siloed by a farmer…

He’s got me under PRESSURE!

Buried in CAD files - need strategic parts management

Ever feel like you can’t catch a break? Is your boss overpromising, while you’re overworked? Clamp the vise too hard, and something’s bound to break.

Not that all engineering directors take advantage of their design engineers. Actually, most work together as a great team. But all too often, the workload becomes unmanageable. The company doesn’t want to lose the client, and you’re up against a speed-to-market deadline that’s overwhelming. Often, the speed to market will determine the success of the product, the client relationship, and your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Tunneling through internal databases to find the parts you need can sometimes make you feel like a kid in the backyard digging for buried treasure. After spending hours digging through the dirt (your internal databases), you finally discover shiny little rocks that hypnotize you into thinking you’ve struck gold, when in reality you’ve found nothing of value.

In the real world, this unending internal database search can make your head spin, forcing you to search online and download or recreate parts that already exist. This leads to duplicate parts in your database and part proliferation.

Product design is a hard job. It takes exceptional skills, a focused mindset, and the ability to switch gears on a dime. You often find yourself:

  • Spending hours searching for or recreating parts
  • Missing new product deadlines because of non-value-added activity
  • Bringing low-quality data and duplicate parts into the system because you didn’t have time to search each silo


These duplicate parts increasingly snowball costs through the entire product lifecycle and cause countless wasted engineering hours. If only there were solutions to combine the information in your siloed parts libraries and eliminate the hundreds (or thousands) of duplicate parts in your PDM, PLM, and ERP systems.


Strategic Parts Management software is a better way to find and reuse CAD models and data. PARTsolutions software includes:

  • GEOsearch, a 3D shape search tool that quickly guides you to CAD data like a GPS guides you to a destination (without having to stop to ask for directions).
  • Attribute search functions, which let you find CAD models without a shovel and filter search results without a sieve. Engineers can retrieve attribute data from associated ERP information, or directly from within the CAD model. Using attribute search, parts are easily located by searching part number, description, class, material type, location, availability, price, or other textual information.

3D shape search and attribute search simplify the process of finding internal CAD data from multiple business systems and allow you to navigate trillions of supplier parts from the PARTsolutions Libraries that are integrated directly into your own CAD software.

Now CAD models and data can be found in one place from your connected systems!

PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management software relieves the pressure. It makes it easy for you to find and reuse CAD models and data from your internal and supplier databases, all in one place. You get immediate access to trillions of parts from hundreds of suppliers, all directly from your CAD and PLM systems.

At PARTsolutions, we don’t store your CAD data in some unwieldy software. We just make it easy for you to find the right data, at your pace, with the systems you already use.

We make your life easier, with no pressure!


Cartoon by ©Roger Penwill. Used with permission.

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