CAD in a Box is No Parts Management

DON’T Be the First on Your Block To Try Zap CAD in a Box

Whenever anyone starts a conversation with “apparently,” take it with a grain of salt.

“Apparently” he sliced his ball into the rough. NO, he did slice his ball into the rough, couldn’t find it, and took a penalty stroke!!!

“Apparently” we didn’t fully defrost the Thanksgiving turkey before putting it into the oven. NO, we didn’t fully defrost the turkey, and we’re all going to P.F. Chang’s!!!



Similarly, when anyone uses “disruptive,” “cutting edge,” “game-changing,” and “technological breakthrough” all in the same sentence, run and hide! Especially when those words come from a box at Best Buy.

And if someone comes into your manufacturing office with the brand-new ZAP CAD software in a box, just tell them your system’s down for maintenance and you can’t install it today. Take the box and nonchalantly place it in the circular file.

Instead of ZAP CAD in a box, you need a supplier that can provide a better way to find and reuse CAD models and data.

One that can transform your engineering department from working in a multi-CAD environment filled with duplicate and obsolete parts into a streamlined digital powerhouse.

One that can seamlessly communicate with all segments of your internal resources, external supply chain, and customers.

If you’re a manufacturer or part of an engineering team, there are digital tools that can help revolutionize your strategy by enabling you to share CAD models with customers, vendors, and every segment of your supply chain.

Using a digital parts management system that provides 3D shape search and attribute search that enables you to find internal CAD data from several business systems and access trillions of supplier parts from one platform, transforming your business with digital tools you can’t find anywhere else.

If you have team members at branch facilities around the globe, they can easily share data with engineers, procurement, suppliers, and customers at any location in real time.

With parts management solutions for industrial, engineering, and design teams, and digital product catalogs for component manufacturers, your team can:

Whether you’re an industrial manufacturer, building products company, consumer products corporation, or engineering firm, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides the best in 3D CAD models with strategic engineering tools supported by outstanding service and support.

So don’t get fooled by ZAP CAD in a box, and don’t get caught with off-the-shelf CAD-in-a-can.

Instead, find experienced professionals that can help. Everyone on your team will be glad you did!


Which is Better?

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