Case New Holland Chooses CADENAS To Provide Strategic Parts Management Solutions

Industrial Manufacturer To Reduce Design Time by Optimizing Engineering Parts Reuse and Selection With Help of CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management Software

Case New Holland chooses CADENAS to Provide Strategic Parts Management Solutions

CADENAS Italy has embarked on a new collaboration with CNH Industrial, a prominent manufacturer specializing in agricultural and earth-moving machinery. This partnership sees CNH Industrial implementing PARTsolutions geometric parts search software across its entire design department. The adoption of CADENAS PARTsolutions’ Strategic Parts Management platform equips CNH Industrial with the ability to streamline the design process by reducing the time and costs associated with product development.

“By introducing CADENAS PARTsolutions, we have taken the use of the 3D models created by our engineering to the next level by making the best use of the geometric information contained in them,” says Luca Barengo, IT Director for Technology & Quality at CNH Industrial.

CNH Industrial’s selection of GEOsearch, an innovative feature within the PARTsolutions platform, is pivotal in this partnership. GEOsearch represents an approach to parts retrieval, which enables users to quickly and intuitively locate components within an indexed database without relying on typical naming conventions. Instead, users can perform searches based directly on the shape of the desired component.

This feature’s distinctive functionality empowers users to identify and select components based on their unique geometric attributes, thereby simplifying parts management and diminishing the overall number of components that necessitate development and oversight.

Furthermore, the geometric search functionality facilitates the exploration of similar components by highlighting the percentage of resemblance between the identified parts and the reference sample employed in the search process.

By aligning with CADENAS as its strategic partner for parts management, CNH Industrial secures a range of tangible benefits. The primary advantage is the simplification of the design process, a result of the improved accessibility to geometric data the tool provides The streamlined design process not only reduces production time but also has the potential to elevate the overall product quality.

In essence, CNH Industrial’s collaboration with CADENAS Italy symbolizes a strategic leap forward in their quest to optimize operations and enhance the effectiveness of their design department. By harnessing CADENAS PARTsolutions’ innovative Strategic Parts Management software and the groundbreaking GEOsearch feature, CNH Industrial gains a competitive edge in the agricultural and earth-moving machinery manufacturing sector. This partnership promises to facilitate a more efficient and cost-effective design process, while simultaneously improving the overall quality of CNH Industrial’s product lineup.


About CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial is a global leader in machinery and services. Globally, the brands CASE IH and New Holland Agriculture provide comprehensive agricultural applications, from machinery to equipment along with digital technologies that enhance them. CASE and New Holland Construction Equipment, offer a full line of construction products that increase productivity in the industry.


The company’s brands that focus on regional activities include:

  • STEYR, for agricultural tractors
  • Raven, a leader in digital farming, precision technology and autonomous system development
  • Flexi-Coil, specializing in tillage and seeding systems
  • Miller, a manufacturer of application equipment
  • Kongskilde, supplying tillage, seeding, hay and forage management equipment
  • Eurocomach, a manufacturer of a wide range of mini and midi excavators for the construction industry, including electric solutions
  • The company’s history dates back to the 19th century, and today it is present in over 170 countries with more than 40,000 employees.

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