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Achinta Mitra Will Be a Keynote Speaker at the Industrial Marketing Summit

Achinta Mitra Delivers Keynote to Industrial Marketers at Industrial Marketing Summit

Chief Content Creator of Industrial Marketing Today Will Present Unique Solutions for Industrial Marketers

The Industrial Marketing Summit announces its second keynote speaker: Achinta Mitra, chief content creator of the well-known blog Industrial Marketing Today, and founder and President of Teicas, Inc.

Mitra will deliver the second keynote of the event, taking place on Friday, September 6 at Content Marketing World.

Best known for his blog Industrial Marketing Today, Mitra is an industry thought-leader and solely committed to the industrial sector – all of his work aims to specifically help manufacturers, distributors or engineering companies.


Meet Achinta Mitra – The Marketing Engineer

Industrial marketing presents unique challenges to manufacturers, engineering companies and distributors. No one understands these challenges more than marketing engineer Achinta Mitra.

Mitra provides practical insights and actionable marketing advice for manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies. With his education in engineering and marketing and 30+ years in the industry, Mitra is the marketing engineer every industrial marketer ought to know by name.

He has published over 300 articles on industrial and manufacturing marketing on Industrial Marketing Today, rated one of the top blogs for industrial marketers by many manufacturers and marketers alike. Mitra also founded and serves as President of Tiecas, Inc., a Houston-based industrial marketing and consulting company that has been in business since 1987.

With his experience and sole focus on the industrial sector, Mitra not only understands engineers and industrial professionals but can speak to their unique challenges. His keynote at the Industrial Marketing Summit will tackle that topic.

Achinta Mitra Delivers Keynote to Industrial Marketers at Industrial Marketing Summit


Unique Challenges to Industrial Marketers

Mitra and his work are 100% focused on the industrial sector; he does not force general B2B marketing concepts to work for industrial professionals. His keynote will reflect that as he discusses unique marketing challenges to engineers and industrial buyers.

Several B2B marketing strategies simply fall short when it comes to targeting engineers, technical professionals and industrial buyers. That’s why industrial marketers need industry-specific solutions that will enable them to reach more engineers and drive more sales.

In his keynote, Mitra will identify these marketing challenges, offer practical insights to overcome them – no shiny, new marketing toy required. The audience and the Industrial Marketing Summit will hear hard lessons Mitra learned from working in the trenches and collaborating with different companies in the industry, including:

  • What are the unique challenges faced by manufacturing and industrial marketers?
  • How are they different from general B2B marketing?
  • Do engineers and technical professionals ignore marketing messages?
  • Why do you need to go beyond product datasheets and specifications?
  • How do you reach invisible stakeholders and internal gurus?
  • What can you do to overcome these challenges?

This keynote doesn’t rest upon Mitra’s experience and perspective alone. Mitra supports his advice and ideas with findings from independent research studies and cites real-world examples.


Save Your Spot to Hear This Keynote

Eager to learn more? Save your spot to hear from the marketing engineer himself how industrial marketers can overcome these challenges and ignite their business.

Register for the Industrial Marketing Summit today.


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