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Best-Selling Author Todd Henry to Keynote the Industrial Marketing Summit

Todd Henry, Accidental Creative, to Keynote Industrial Marketing Summit and share industrial content marketing tips

The founder of Accidental Creative shares how to unleash your best work every day through industrial content marketing


You have a talented team of industrial marketers – that’s great. Still, no matter how creative and driven your team is, there is always a danger of your industrial content marketing getting stuck in a rut.

Lucky for you, there’s a man with a solution.

Best-selling author, Todd Henry, will serve as the keynote speaker for the Industrial Marketing Summit at Content Marketing World this September. His talk will give industrial marketers and managers tactical advice to unleashing their team’s best work every day.


Register for the Industrial Marketing Summit, and ignite your industrial content marketing strategy!


Founder of Accidental Creative, Todd Henry is “an arms dealer for the creative revolution.” Since 2013, he has authored four books, including best-selling novels Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need and Louder than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice. named his book Die Empty one of the best books of 2013. His latest book, Herding Tigers, is about what creative people need from their leader, and how to give it to them.

Henry teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. From the Accidental Creative Podcast to his creative leadership workshop, Henry aims to inspire leadership, spark creativity, and help people and teams generate brilliant ideas and improve their businesses. He also speaks internationally on creativity, leadership, passion for work, and productivity.


How to climb out of the creative rut

For marketing professionals who find their industrial content marketing to be “boring” or “aimless”, Henry helps deliver creative solutions to reignite their marketing strategy.

In his keynote, Henry will take aim at the dreaded creative rut – uncovering its causes and the seven “deadly sins” that lead to organizational stasis and mediocre work. This way, organizations are prepared to dig themselves out of creative lapses and avoiding these in the future.

Henry encourages industrials to ask the hard questions, to combat fear with creativity and to hold themselves (and their teams) accountable for their work. Attendees will also learn the tools for defining their “battle lines” against the creative rut and how to build daily activities around those.


How to create amazing industrial content marketing

Henry’s keynote is designed to inspire industrial marketers to amaze their audience and be thought-leaders in their industry.

While most might consider industrial manufacturing as less glamorous for marketing, opportunities to be creative are abundant. Creativity is not exclusive to art – in fact, Henry argues that the idea has far more to do with problem-solving than painting.

Henry helps even the perceived boring industries to realize their own uniqueness and capability to problem-solve. By laying out a practical process for marketers to recognize creative pitfalls and identify personal and organizational passion areas, his session will equip the audience for a more remarkable marketing future.

“We think that because we’re not artists, we’re not creative. That’s not true. An engineer is remarkably creative because an engineer solves problems all day long…

…Same with entrepreneurs. They find a white space in a market, and they create a solution to fill that white space. Every single day people who solve problems are being creative.” – Todd Henry


Don’t get stuck in an industrial marketing rut

Learn how to lead your team with a remarkable content strategy and never fall into a creative rut again. To see Henry’s keynote in person, register for the Industrial Marketing Summit today to get the insights from Henry to breathe new life into your industrial content marketing.

See the story from Content Marketing World.

Learn more about his keynote here.


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