Marketing to Engineers: 53% of Engineers will fill out a form to get CAD before anything else.

2020 Marketing to engineers report need CD content
2020 Marketing to engineers report need CD content

Did you know: 53% of Engineers will provide their contact information in exchange for valued manufacturer CAD content?

The stat speaks for itself. When marketing to engineers, manufacturers need to provide the data they are searching for, and then use the contact information provided to build a relationship into the future. Complete the sales process quickly by catering to what your customer needs – Online CAD content!

Why Engineers Need CAD

It’s necessary! Engineers need CAD to design, build, and effectively perform their jobs. Engineers need the product data, and they don’t have time to spend drawing a product which someone else has already made. Manufacturers need to make it easier for engineers to find and spec parts into their designs. Forward-thinking manufacturers aren’t just “marketing to engineers” they are helping engineers work faster and more efficiently than ever before!


Listen to the Content Marketing Engineered Podcast to hear Wendy and Adam Beck discuss how easy it is for manufacturers to reach their engineering audience!

What’s the process for an engineer to get CAD if a manufacturer does not offer it online? 

Engineers may find themselves drawing it from a spec if CAD is not available online. Engineers may request CAD and wait a few days for their request to return. Once it does, the CAD file may be in a format that the engineer does not work in. The CAD file may not have the correct part number, ordering information or dimensions.

For manufacturers who do offer online CAD content, engineers can access a 3D preview of the part, configure to their specifications, and download in the exact format they need for their design.

Manufacturers who provide online CAD downloads enable engineers to work faster, more efficiently, and on their own timeline. Engineers are no longer waiting 48 hours or more for a CAD request.  Manufacturers who provide CAD online have a common goal to deliver a quality customer service experience, in an uninterrupted seamless way, so the engineer can get back to their design work.


Manufacturers can help engineers by providing CAD online.

Make it easier for engineers to find and spec manufacturers’ designs into their plans!

Manufacturers who offer engineers with CAD data online can provide it faster, more efficiently, and a better customer service experience, which will keep engineers returning for more!


Marketing to engineers: How to adapt to today’s new normal

With less in-person events now, this is an opportunity to supplement their lead generation and have a greater connection with their audience digitally.

Provide value to your customers. Manufacturers need to see engineers as their ideal customers and then cater to engineer’s needs. Providing CAD content online is a natural opportunity!

Your digital audience is growing – so provide a positive customer experience by delivering what engineers need, faster and more efficiently than ever before!


Report: Smart Marketing for Engineers

The 2020 Smart Marketing for Engineers® Research Report by TREW Marketing and IEEE Globalspec finds:

“Engineers are twice as likely to fill out a contact form for a CAD drawing than they are for a webinar.”


These findings support why manufacturers need to provide CAD online more than ever before!

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