Smalley Launches New Nested Series Springs with Online Product Configurator Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Industrial spring manufacturer standardizes a popular custom product line, while providing on-demand CAD access to engineers.


Smalley has accelerated access to the Nested Series of springs by standardizing the product line and providing instant access via the online product configurator built by CADENAS PARTsolutions. Formerly a custom product, engineers can now configure and download these popular springs on-demand at

Best known for their spiral retaining rings and space-saving wave-springs, Smalley has been producing their nested springs as a custom product for nearly 30 years.  As the popularity grew, Smalley standardized and launched the new product family, which will be available within the Smalley online product configurator.

“Introducing a standard line of nested springs gives customers the ability to streamline production while meeting their high force requirements,” says Dan Frank, Research and Development Engineer.

By providing online access, Smalley is providing engineers the ability to configure and preview the Smalley part they need, when they need it. When they are satisfied with the configuration, they can download in their preferred CAD format to test fit within their design.


“CAD is the most popular tool on our website. We know that engineers need access to this data and it had to be available on day one as part of the new product launch.” Says Brendan Briscoe Marketing Supervisor at Smalley.


Smalley has long been an advocate for digital customer experience in the manufacturing industry, providing engineers access to digital product data and 3D CAD models for more than 10 years.

“Smalley is always working to streamline the process and find faster ways to get data to their engineering customers,” adds Adam Beck, Director of Marketing CADENAS PARTsolutions. “This forward-thinking approach is why so many engineers love to work with Smalley and return again and again.”


About Smalley

For over 50 years, Smalley has been the leading manufacturer of retaining rings and wave springs for OEM engineers worldwide. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 company, we deliver quality products certified to: IATF 16949, AS9100 and ISO 13485. Custom or standard, we are dedicated to delivering the right part, in the right material for your application. For manufacturing news and product updates, follow us on social media or follow our blog at


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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.