46M Industrial CAD downloads (= sales leads) in April show the Power of Digital Tools for Manufacturers

46M Industrial CAD downloads (= sales leads) in April show the Power of Digital Tools for Manufacturers

The industrial digital transformation has been in full swing for several years now and is being accelerated even further by the current global situation. Now more than ever, companies must invest in digital transformation in order to generate the sales leads needed to drive business into the future. This strategy is highlighted by the new record of industrial CAD downloads in April 2020. Engineers, architects, planners and designers downloaded 46,530,454 CAD & BIM files from manufacturers worldwide. Each industrial CAD download represents a valuable sales lead for manufacturers represented on the CADENAS portals.


Industrial CAD Downloads: Why component manufacturers must invest in digital transformation

The data clearly shows that companies who have leveraged digital sales strategies are currently in a better position and will be more competitive into the future. With the cancellation of more than 2,600 worldwide exhibitions (source: Expodatabase, status: 08.05.2020), manufacturer’s sales lead pipelines are running dry. By deploying digital marketing tools, creative manufacturers can compensate for this deficiency, and then some. When a digital strategy, a company needs to determine who are the influencers and decision makers selecting technical products, and tailor the digital assets to meet their needs.

In addition to providing digital 3D CAD model downloads, manufacturers need to make sure they are being “found” when decision maker are searching and learning about new products and manufacturers. Digital platforms such as 3Dfindit.com or PARTcommunity.com have millions mechanical engineering, plant construction, electrical engineering and architectural users, who use the patform as a resource to discover and test new products for their designs.

In 2019, the 3Dfindit.com and PARTcommunity were able to generate a combined 405 million industrial CAD downloads for participating manufacturers. Looking at the current trend,  these platforms are expecting another record year in 2020.


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Adam Beck

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