CADENAS PARTsolutions has Added New Native CAD Formats for 2020!

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These new 2020 native CAD formats are available NOW!


CADENAS PARTsolutions has introduced 7 new native CAD formats, which have been automatically added to partner manufacturer websites for 2020!

These new formats are already available, and in addition to other the 150+ active CAD formats !

  • AutoCAD 2020
  • Creo 6.0 Parametric
  • Inventor 2020
  • Revit 2020
  • SolidEdge 2020
  • SolidWorks 2020
  • Tekla Strucutes 2019i

Why is it a benefit to have the 2020 native CAD formats?

These manufacturers didn’t have to do a thing. These new native CAD formats were automatically updated and added to ensure their websites are up to date. This guarantees companies can provide engineers with accurate, most current 2020 available CAD format options.

Engineers can continue to download into the CAD programs they prefer, even if it’s a format just rolled out for 2020! This allows manufacturers the ability to help virtually all engineers, and no longer must choose which native CAD programs/formats to provide.

This allows YOU to become the easiest provider to do business with. Be the provider with highest quality outputs, in the most available formats. Providing engineers with over 150 different variety of CAD formats, creates a positive and easy customer service experience.


Grow Your Reach by Proving More CAD Formats as Native Downloads

How this Benefits your Engineering and Architecture Customers?

By automatically updating your website, engineers have 7 new native CAD formats to download configurations in. This saves our customers their time, effort, and money by automatically updating websites with the newest native CAD format, this enables customers the freedom to choose which software format best fits their application and design preferences.

We’ve done the work for you! By automatically uploading new native CAD formats, we’re continuing to help you provide engineers with an easy and positive experience!


Let’s hear from you how important a variety of CAD formats can be:

  • John Winkler JR from J W Winco “eCATALOGsolutions is the most durable solution available and always stays current with the newest formats and market trends”


  • Sean Humes from Choice Mold Components “Our customer base is extremely diverse, and they often use different design software packages. We had so many part requests that we had a difficult time meeting their various digital design requirements. This is what led us to CADENAS PARTsolutions. Now, our interactive product selector provides a native 2D and 3D CAD file in the customer’s preferred format. Plus, the downloaded component retains our part number and company information, so all of our data goes directly into the customers’ bill of materials”


  • Marc Macaluso from Regal Beloit “The software works on all web browsers and is downloadable in multiple CAD formats for easy data import, which reduces the time from design to delivery”


  • Fredrick Goodman – Aventics USA “Our engineering team loves the new tool because their workload has decreased, and our customers love it because we are providing the information they need faster and in more formats than ever before”


Why Native CAD Downloads are Essential for the Industry

You are providing your engineering customers with more options for native CAD formats. These new native CAD formats allow manufacturers to appeal to each engineer’s different CAD preference and keep up to date with ever-evolving technology. Trying to accommodate the vast variety of different engineer’s CAD format preferences can be endless. It also makes the difference when it comes to the number of configuration downloads, and your long-term sales.

Click here to learn more about Native vs. Neutral CAD downloads

If a manufacturer provides only neutral CAD programs, this risk limits the number of potential customers, by limiting the number of products that are easily “designed in.” Even if a part does become “designed in” neutral format risks losing the product specific information (i.e. vendor information, unique part number) or transfers to be incorrect.


Powering Your CAD Data Now and into the Future!

Engineers want the downloading process to be quick, easy and in the CAD format they prefer. That’s why we’ve automatically added 7 new additional CAD formats for 2020 so our manufacturers can continue to best serve their customers!


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