Gamavuoto Chooses CADENAS for Instant CAD Model Downloads

Manufacturer of diverse product lines has published its product catalog on the CADENAS PARTcommunity portal, simplifying customers’ pathway to download 3D CAD Models


Gamavuoto has published their product catalog on PARTcommunity, the CAD model download portal powered by the CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions platform. Through this new pathway, customers can instantly download 3D CAD models of their desired Gamavuoto product.

As a leader in the vacuum technologies industry since 1977, the Italian-based manufacturer provides engineers with a wide range of products and services for industrial applications that use a vacuum.

Gamavuoto values product performance and functionality as well as quality customer service. Serving multiple industries ─ including the food, metallurgy and automotive industries ─ the company sought a solution to provide 3D product downloads to all customers quickly and efficiently.


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Innovation and Customer Service

Meeting customers’ needs and providing quality CAD data were key goals of the CADENAS and Gamavuoto partnership. By providing their catalog of product models on PARTcommunity, Gamavuoto allows customers to access the catalog and download 3D CAD models in just a few clicks.

Customers can choose from over 100 CAD software versions to natively download those product models in their preferred software. This ensures the product model has all the necessary information for the engineer and streamlines the path toward purchase when the engineer is ready to buy the product.

This solution also enables engineers to automatically generate a 3D PDF datasheet of their downloaded CAD model based on the product configurations they selected. These interactive product datasheets have all the information relating the product in a single overview and can be easily shared with the customer’s team.


Gamavuoto simplifies customers’ pathway to downloads 3D CAD Models

Stepping into an International Market

The PARTcommunity download portal hosts over 500 manufacturer certified catalogs from 90 vertical marketplaces. Through this platform, manufacturers can reach 16 million potential customers from 120 countries who are looking to download 3D CAD models.

With over one billion product downloads to date, the download portal has a proven track record for delivering customers’ needs and a return on investment for manufacturers.

Now that their product catalog of component models is live on PARTcommunity, Gamavuoto has the advantages of marketing to an international audience with proven performance.

You can check out the Gamavouto Catalog on PARTcommunity today.

Learn more about CAD product catalogs from CADENAS and the North American branch CADENAS PARTsolutions.


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