3D CAD Models Provider Delivers 1 Billion Engineering Downloads for Manufacturing Partners

Mad Scientist? 3D CAD Models Provider Delivers 1 Billion Engineering Downloads for Manufacturing Partners!


PARTcommunity, the 3D CAD models portal powered by CADENAS platform, has delivered 1 billion 3D CAD downloads for partner manufacturers.

Since 2012, PARTcommunity has grown to become one of the largest provider of 3D CAD model downloads for engineers, increasing its page visits, downloads, users and manufacturers’ catalogs each year. Last year (2017) saw another record year of 260 million CAD models downloaded from the online portal.

With this continued growth, PARTcommunity users are unlocking the true potential of the 3D download portal as a key sales tool for manufacturers.


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Engineers Download 1 Billion 3D CAD Models from CADENAS PARTcommunity


A No-So-Evil-Genius Scheme

One billion 3D CAD model downloads to date is a testament to PARTcommunity’s ultimate goal: Provide value to engineering customers and partner manufacturers.

Industrial Marketers are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with customers and sell more products. So while the CAD download portal makes its way toward “world domination”, MFGs are realizing the value.

And with 82% of downloaded CAD models leading to a product purchase, manufacturers and customers see the real value of the download portal.


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Industrial marketers who value content marketing know that where you publish your content matters just as much as the content itself. That’s why so many manufacturers have already turned to PARTcommunity to get their products in front of their customers. And in turn, customers have continued to use PARTcommunity as their resource for finding CAD models online.

Do you want to learn how your products can be featured as 3D CAD models in PARTcommunity? Click the link below to set up a meeting with our expert staff.

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