New Record: PARTcommunity Sees Over 28 Million 3D CAD Model Downloads per Month

New Record: PARTcommunity Sees Over 28 Million 3D Part Downloads per Month

Increasing page visits, downloads and users show the unlocked potential of 3D CAD download portal, powered by CADENAS.


The 3D CAD model download portal powered by CADENAS records a growing number of CAD downloads. In the month of June (2018), over 28 million CAD models from over 500 PARTcommunity manufacturer catalogs were downloaded by engineers and purchasers – more than ever before.


Make 3D part downloads the key to your inbound sales and marketing strategy — here’s how.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The 3D CAD download portal by CADENAS continues its success from the previous year. In 2017, PARTcommunity registered more than 260 million 3D part downloads within a year, including 17 million page views from over 120 countries.

With its continued growth, the PARTcommunity download portal demonstrates its impact for reaching customers and increasing downloads. And with 87% of downloaded parts eventually purchased by the downloader, the portal proves its value for manufacturers.

Here are some facts and achieves to show just how far the portal has come:

New Record: PARTcommunity Sees Over 28 Million CAD Model Downloads per Month



CADENAS is a leading software developer in the areas of Strategic Parts Management and parts reduction (PARTsolutions), as well as Electronic Product Catalogs (eCATALOGsolutions). With its customized software solutions, the company acts as a link between the component manufacturers with their products and the purchasers.

With its 320 employees at 17 international subsidiaries, the name CADENAS (Spanish: process chains) has been standing for success, creativity, support and process optimization since 1992.

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