Integrate Your 3D Digital Catalog with Your Marketing Automation and CRM Systems

Integrate Your 3D Digital Catalog with Your Marketing Automation and CRM Systems

With integrations available for Pardot, Salesforce and more, the 3D digital catalog makes it easy to see real-time data and customer insights with your existing software.


Your marketing automation and content management systems are vital to your daily work. So as a marketer, you want a solution that works with your existing software.

A digital product catalog should be no exception.

With all the sales leads, downloads and new customers flowing in from the interactive product catalog, the manufacturer’s marketing team has an influx of data and customer insights.

Instead of implementing a new marketing platform to measure all that new data or manually manipulating the raw data, the 3D product catalog enables manufacturers to directly link their existing marketing automation and CRM systems to the new catalog.


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Integrate Your 3D Digital Catalog with Your Marketing Automation and CRM Systems


Real-Time Data and Customer Insights

Sales and marketing teams can see the immediate results from the online CAD viewer in their other systems without having to waste time manually moving data from a spreadsheet. This saves time and ensures accuracy across systems. They also gain further insight into their customers’ buying habits through the interactive catalog software.

This information helps salespersons better manage their contact lists, which then helps the marketer create optimized campaigns and promotions for customers. The result is a self-sufficient cycle of data collection, contact management and automated actions through all three integrated systems, driven by the 3D digital catalog.


Real-World Example: Bishop Wisecarver

Bishop Wisecarver was an early adopter of digital product catalog technology, previously employing a solution with limited CAD format support. After gathering feedback from their customer base, BWC created a competitive matrix to evaluate their online catalog against all other technologies available.

“Our goal was to remove barriers and simplify our customer’s online experience, and we weren’t leaving that to chance,” says Scott McClintock VP of Marketing at Bishop Wisecarver.

In addition to meeting customer demands, the BWC digital product catalog will serve as a primary driver of marketing data with a direct integration to their Pardot marketing automation software.

“As we assessed the scale and scope of this project, the ability to directly tie-in with our existing suite of software was a very important feature. CADENAS PARTsolutions provided us the opportunity to directly link the catalog to Pardot, our marketing automation program. As a marketer, that’s huge for me. We use the Pardot login for the digital parts catalog; now we receive real-time data and customer insights, all within a software package we were already using,” McClintock said.


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Integrate Your 3D Digital Catalog with Your Marketing Automation and CRM Systems


Coming Full Circle

From the moment an engineer accesses the digital catalog on the manufacturer’s website, the catalog works with the manufacturer’s CRM and marketing automation to help the manufacturer manage its contacts and drive marketing actions.

With CRM, marking and the 3D digital catalog all working together to drive sales, the customer and the manufacturer wins.

And when marketing and sales work in harmony, your company can grow and thrive.


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