Power to the People: interactive 3D PDF Data Sheets Aren’t Just for Large Organizations Anymore

Make a Huge Impact on Your Business With Interactive 3D PDF Data Sheets


Creating 3D PDF sheets for your CAD models isn’t as scary as it may sound, and the advantages they add to your organization more than pay for the investment.

Not only can implementation benefit the employees at a manufacturing organization, but the customers and clients will find that the interactive 3D PDF makes sharing, editing and analyzing CAD models much easier and informative. Another plus is that any size organization can reap the benefits of implementing this technology because the risk and costs of the project are low, but result in a large customer impact and ROI.


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The Format:

The PDF format itself brings many great assets to the table. Since, everyone is familiar with the set-up, adding an interactive 3D model only serves to make this resource more user-friendly. And, the wide range of angles provides an aspect that traditional 2D models cannot. With 3D PDFs, users have the ability to completely explore a part’s accurate and machinable data without leaving a format that is comfortable for them.

Ease of Use:

Because of the familiarity of PDFs, these data sheets can be sent to clients, and they can be used by everyone in the company. The information can be accessed without any instructions or software, so it is much easier to review on an individual basis. Annotations can also be made directly on the PDF, which means there’s no need to print and mark-up copies. This allows engineers to not only see the entire part at once but also gives them a more complete context as to what the part involves. Any markups made on the PDF stay with the model, making sharing consistent.

Providing your customers and organization with interactive 3D PDF models will help improve accuracy and efficiency, while the familiar format makes it accessible to all users.


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