Surfing: Stand Around and Catch Gnarly Waves With “The Dock”

This Floating Dock Adds a New Level to “Riding the Waves”

Surfing: Stand Around and Catch Gnarly Waves With “The Dock”Why waste all that energy paddling out, hundreds of yards, to catch a sweet wave when you can just stand there an let it come to you? Who needs physical activity, anyway? Volcom teamed up with Stab to show off just how fun an extreme it would be to put a floating dock out in the waves.

This 100 feet long plastic dock was anchored in Bali, Indonesia where some daring surfers tested it out. Since the dock was so unpredictable the surfers had to be on their A-game to make sure they stayed clear of the massive runway. Surfer, Ozzie Wright recalls, “The Dock’s been scary. At one stage I just came up, got my board, and saw it coming right at me. But I like the chaos of it.”

But danger aside, these surfers conquered “The Dock” and their tricks are absolutely mesmerizing! Paddling is officially a thing of the past, and as this trend catches on, there’s bound to be improvements down the road, but for now, don’t try this at home. 


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