3D Part Download Stats: Record Year for Manufacturer CAD Delivery (2022 Stats)

3D Part Download Stats: Record Year for Manufacturer CAD Delivery (2022 Stats)

644,018,189 manufacturer CAD, BIM, and PDF files were downloaded from CADENAS portals in 2022. This corresponds to slightly more than 1,764,433 downloads per day, or 20 CAD, CAE and BIM models per second.

This data shows the continuous growth of manufacturers who are delivering content with digital product catalogs. More than 5,000 manufacturers are now sharing their component data with engineers and architects worldwide.

3D Part Download Stats: Record Year for Manufacturer CAD Delivery (2022 Stats)The COVID-19 pandemic was an instant accelerator for many products and services, eCATALOGsolutions was no different. Demand has surged from engineers who needed manufacturer-certified product data. This is why 2020 saw the record number of CAD, CAE and BIM models delivered, at 666 million downloads. But two years later, it is apparent that the trend is continuing. Every day, engineers, architects and planners around the world search for high-quality product data for their designs. They find what they are looking for on 3Dfindit.com and the manufacturer portals based on eCATALOGsolutions’ technology. By streamlining access do product information, component manufacturers are building relationships and nurture today’s anonymous designers into tomorrow’s best customers.

With every download, CADENAS is helping component manufacturers to be easy to work with, by delivering a simplified digital customer experience.

(Update: January 15, 2021)

More than 666 million CAD model downloads in 2020:

Manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS accelerate access for engineers and architects


The 800+ manufacturer catalogs utilizing the CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology have seen explosive growth in 2020, with 666,192,881 CAD & BIM models downloaded. This number represents component manufacturer product data which was downloaded by engineers, architects and planners worldwide. Streamlining the design process while providing manufacturers with a steadily increasing number of valuable sales leads.

Its all part of the digital transformation so many businesses made in 2020 and the years preceding it. They were ready to deliver the digital data engineers and architects needed, while working from home, office or the park!

“We have seen a sensational increase in CAD download numbers in recent years. The reason for this is also our visual search engine for manufacturer components 3DfindIT.com, which, in contrast to conventional search engines, is focused on the technical area and effectively supports engineers, architects as well as planners in finding the right component,” says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS GmbH.

Growth of CAD downloads continues to accelerate rapidly

The rapidly advancing digitalization and the current global situation are once again acting as an accelerator for the change already underway in terms of information technologies. For example, the demand for digital product data in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or architecture has once again picked up considerably in recent months, as the CADENAS download record shows. Many component manufacturers are already focusing on marketing their products as digital twins. As a result, the innovators among the manufacturers are less affected by the currently cancelled trade shows worldwide, because by providing engineering data and digital twins they automatically generate qualified sales contacts and this even if personal customer contact is not possible. It is not too late for manufacturers who have not yet offered their portfolio in a product catalog. After all, a spirited approach to postponed digitization projects will pay off in the short term.


3D Part Download Stats: Record Year for Manufacturer CAD Delivery

(Update: January 9, 2020)

New 3D part download record for manufacturers: Over 405 million CAD models were delivered in 2019.


Component manufacturers who use eCATALOGsolutions electronic product catalogs by CADENAS have watched their users and download numbers grow for more than a decade. Together, they broke the 3D part download record for the thirteenth consecutive year.

The number of 3D CAD model downloads from PARTcommunity continues to soar, providing more leads and sales to manufacturers as it climbs.

In 2019, engineers and designers worldwide downloaded over 405 million CAD models from over 800 PARTcommunity manufacturer catalogs – more than ever before! Thanks to this continued success, the 3D CAD model download portal expands its position as a leader among the download portals for intelligent engineering data.


PARTcommunity Downloads 2006-2019

2019 3d part download stats_graph

More than 1 billion CAD downloads within the past 7 years

With over a decade of success and growth, the 3D part download portal is an established platform for manufacturers and designers worldwide. In just the past five years, the number of CAD downloads from our client catalogs increased by over 168%.

Over 16.1 million engineers download free 3D CAD products from PARTcommunity-hosted manufacturer catalogs. Prior to 2019, users downloaded over one billion 3D product models from manufacturers on PARTcommunity.

Why do these numbers continue to climb?

CEO of CADENAS GmbH, Jürgen Heimbach, explains the success:

“Major changes are currently taking place in the design area. Digital twins are playing an increasingly important role. We are working continuously with component manufacturers to enrich 3D CAD engineering data with all important information so that it can be used for the virtual commissioning of machines and systems.”

Jürgen Heimbach, CEO at CADENAS GmbH

From large manufacturers to family-run companies, businesses rely on CADENAS PARTsolutions to support and update their product catalogs on 90 vertical online marketplaces, portals and social communities like Autodesk, DraftSigh and SolidEdge. The continued growth affirms CADENAS PARTsolutions’ commitment providing the best product and services to its clients and their customers through constant optimization, product extensions and outstanding innovations year after year.

The success of the 500+ manufacturer catalogs on PARTcommunity stems from that commitment.

Each manufacturer’s catalog supports built-in product metadata. This turns each 3D part download into “supercharged content assests” or “sales enablers” for manufacturers. Since 82% of downloaded CAD models leading to a product purchase, manufacturers and customers reap the value of the download portal.

3d part download

3Dfindit.com – the Future of Part Search Technology for Engineers and Manufacturers

In 2019, CADENAS launched 3Dfindit.com, a visual search engine for manufacturer components. This technology reflects the changing industry and how engineers and planners search for parts.

“In addition, the way engineers, designers, planners and architects obtain suitable components for their product developments and planning has also changed. We at CADENAS have taken this as an opportunity to turn the previous tried-and-tested search for manufacturer components upside down.

Conventional search engines usually deliver results that are far too general and not target-oriented, without any technical or architectural reference. With our newly developed visual search engine 3Dfind.it for manufacturer components, we have taken a big step into a new dimension in 2019.

We see 3Dfind.it as a kind of lighthouse, which combines the multitude of different component manufacturers with their CAD engineering data and finds the most suitable components across all of them.”

Jürgen Heimbach, CEO at CADENAS GmbH

Component manufacturers can use 3Dfindit.com to efficiently market their products worldwide by making their 3D engineering data potentially available to over 24 million engineers and architects. With 3Dfind.it, manufacturers get their products directly into the CAD & BIM designs of engineers and architects as well as into the respective parts lists and then receive orders from the purchasing department. Studies show that around 87% of downloaded CAD components later lead to real products sold.

3d part download

A Daily Tool for Engineers and Designers Worldwide

Engineers and designers worldwide can download 3D CAD components from well-known manufacturers around the clock and import them into their respective CAD systems in over 150 genuine native formats, including Inventor and Revit by Autodesk, Solid Edge and NX by Siemens PLM Software, SOLIDWORKS by Dassault Systèmes etc.

The entire content of more than 800 CAD manufacturer-authorized product catalogs is available to them. Moreover, the download portal provides extensive intelligent search functions such as 2D sketch search or the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch.

The key to the download portal’s success: never sitting still. Constant optimizations, extensions and outstanding innovations make the basis for the continuing trend of intelligent CAD model downloads of the CADENAS portal.

The 3D part download portal has been in operation since 1998 and registers over 20 million part downloads each month.

Additionally, the corresponding mobile CAD app for manufacturers has been downloaded nearly 900,000 times since its launch.

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity can be found at: www.partcommunity.com

CADENAS PARTsolutions thanks all users of the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity as well as the manufacturers for the successful cooperation in the creating of high-quality engineering data. 


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