Engage with Customers Anytime, Anywhere: Mobile CAD App for the Engineer of the Future

By integrating a product catalog with their mobile CAD app, manufacturers can connect with the next generation of engineers and leverage mobile as a key sales tool.


Smartphones are largely responsible for the dramatic change in customer behavior and expectations. Just the swipe of the finger is instant service – a digital payment to a friend from Friday night, downloading a new album or app or asking Siri what the weather will be on the weekend.

Similarly, engineers have significantly increased their use of mobile devices and apps for work-related tasks, most notably for reading email and articles and conducting product searches. Therefore, manufacturers should have their product pages and digital downloads optimized for mobile.

The younger generation of engineers is spearheading the transition to digital and use of mobile apps. And with nearly half of the engineering workforce becoming eligible for retirement in the next few years, manufacturers must cultivate relationships with the new generation now.


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Engage with Customers Anytime, Anywhere: Mobile CAD App for the Engineer of the Future


Preparing for the New Digital Generation

Connecting with mobile customers was formerly a luxury only available to retail brands. But now, industrial manufacturers can implement an online CAD viewer within their mobile CAD app to connect with customers in the same meaningful way as Starbucks or Best Buy.

The digital parts catalog makes it easy for manufacturers to provide their products on the latest technology platforms and devices. This opens the door for manufacturers to engage with the younger generation while giving tech-savvy engineers the on-demand digital customer service they want.

Anything customers would need to access using a website’s interactive product catalog they can access using a manufacturer’s mobile CAD app. This enables customers to download CAD models anytime, anywhere.


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Engage with Customers Anytime, Anywhere: Mobile CAD App for the Engineer of the Future



Using the Mobile CAD App as a Key Sales Tool

Implementing the product configurator on their mobile app isn’t just for the younger digital generation – the mobile app redefines the role of the manufacturer’s salesperson in the eyes of the customer.

Gone are the days when a salesperson would bring a thousand-paged part catalog to a customer and flip through page after page to find a part. Now, all a manufacturer’s products and information are stored in their back pocket.

With the CAD downloads driving sales and the software seamlessly guiding the customer through the purchasing process, what role does the salesperson play?

The salesperson’s job simply changes to building value and enhancing the digital customer experience. Using the app, the salesperson works with the customer as a valued expert to help guide customers to the part they need. Salespersons can even build the product specifications for customers and send them the download on the fly.

Engage with Customers Anytime, Anywhere: Mobile CAD App for the Engineer of the Future

Reaching Customers Wherever They Are

In the digital age, the business landscape is constantly evolving. But with a product configurator available through their mobile CAD app, manufacturers can stay ahead of the game.

Colson Group USA recognized this when they launched the world’s largest digital caster catalog. To save customers time and money while delivering a product they can trust, Colson Group enabled their new configurator on their mobile cad app.

“Our job is to deliver the most relevant and influential caster content as possible to our customers – as easy and quick as possible. Using the digital caster catalog and then integrating this technology into our websites and apps, we enable our customers to navigate our extensive product families to select not only a product solution they can trust – but a viable solution that they will actually be able to purchase,” said Brad Kish, Director of Marketing Communications at Colson Group USA.

Customers have easier access to the manufacturer’s products, which they can access from their smartphone anytime, anywhere. Through this new collaboration, salespersons are not just easing the digital customer experience – they’re building trust with customers who will return for future business.

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