World’s Fastest Lawnmower

Part of our Series: Crazy Cool Stuff from Around the Web – This post comes to us form the Bonneville Sale Flats in Utah. This 70 year old MANIMAL takes the land speed record for riding lawnmowers – 96.3 MPH!! He broke the existing record (which he also held) at a little over 80 mph.

To put that into perspective your normal lawnmower is 6 mph…so yeah this guy is moving. WATCH OUT FOR THAT FRISBEE IN THE YARD!!

At CADENAS PARTsolutions we love checking out wild ways engineers are able to get the most power out of the strangest things. We do the same for our manufacturers catalogs, yes we can even do lawn equipment. Getting the most power out of your designs is what we do best, email today to learn more about how you can drive sales by adding CAD downloads to your website or by powering up your next tradeshow booth with 3D.

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Adam Beck

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