CAD Catalog vs. CAD Library – What’s the difference?



What’s the difference between a CAD catalog and a CAD library? The difference will impact your business.


It’s a question I hear almost EVERY day, “what’s the difference between a CAD catalog and a CAD library” or “I already have a CAD library, why do I need a CAD catalog?”

Well, it’s as simple as this: Why is an iPad better than a huge bookshelf?

A bookshelf is this huge piece of furniture, full of old, dusty books. You know there is information in there but you only have an idea where to find it. Not to mention the data is old and out of date because once the book is printed, that’s it. This is the CAD library.

In contrast, the iPad is a tiny piece of equipment which allows you to store 1000 times more books than the bookshelf. Not only is it convenient and compact, but you can search by a variety of criteria and the dynamic information ensures you always have the most current edition; anytime and on-demand. This is the CAD Catalog.

Below I have created a checklist of features to help you compare your CAD library to a CADENAS PARTsolutions CAD Catalog.


CAD Library

CAD Catalog

Library Size

Limited by storage capacity

Unlimited – Models generated on-demand

Configurable CAD Models?

No – all models are pre-designed


Models available in 150+ formats?

No – models only available in select formats


Downloadable lead reports with email address?



Files dynamically updated?

No – all files are built once and stored in system

Yes – file data can be

Geometric Search Capability?


Yes – files can be searched by size, shape

Website integration

Yes – Static

Yes – Models can be dynamically generated from website

Output to dynamic PDF Data Sheet



Output models to “Photo realistic” images



As you can clearly see there is little comparison between a CAD library – a large folder storing hundreds of pre-designed files and a CADENAS PARTsolutions CAD Catalog, which offers thousands of configurable parts to be created on-the-fly. If you are looking to improve productivity, design accuracy and organizational flexibility, the choice is simple. Contact us today to see how we can streamline your solution.


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Adam Beck

Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions | A Marketing graduate from the Miami University, Farmer School of Business in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.