Part of the Week – PHD GRM series Gripper 3D CAD Model PDF

For our first ever CADENAS PARTsolutions PART of the week, we have chosen a really cool GRM Series gripper made by PHD. The 3D Cad Model was generated through CADENAS PARTsolutions 3D configurator with a variety of optional features. CADENAS PARTsolutions eCATALOG software automatically generates a complete part number based on your configuration.

The full part number as configured: “GRM4TS-2-45-22-LAA-G01-G02-TA041-TB040”

You can view the live part on any computer with Adobe Acrobat installed – no CAD required. Simply click the image below to activate the 3D pdf and the part is now able to be viewed in any position.

CADENAS PARTsolutions 3D CAD Model of PHD Gripper

CADENAS PARTsolutions 3D CAD Model of PHD Gripper –


To MOVE/ROTATE the component, click on the object and move the mouse in any direction.

ZOOM by clicking with the right mouse button and moving the mouse


About the PHD GRM Series Gripper:

Series GRM Clamps are designed specifically for handling sheet metal in various stamping/fabricating press applications. The compact size makes the Series GRM Clamp ideal for applications in confined work areas. With it’s simple design, high clamp force and six modular designed jaw tips, the PHD GRM series has the flexibility to meet a wide variety of applications.

More From PHD: Visit the GRM product page

  • Ideal for sheet metal handling, Series GRM is available in 3 sizes, 9 jaw styles, and 6 jaw openings to fit a wide range of clamping applications. Features a simple design, long life, high clamp force, and is fully field repairable in 10 minutes using metric hex wrenches.
  • Compact envelope size and high clamp force. Series GRM sizes 2 & 3, design 2 & 6, generate up to 225 lb [1,000 N] of clamp force. The Series GRM, size 4, design 2 & 6, generates up to 500 lb [2,000 N] of clamp force for maximum flexibility and performance.
  • Six modular designed jaw tips are offered for maximum clamping performance in a variety of applications. Additional mounting, jaw, switch, and tip options are available.
  • Series GRM, design 2 & 6 clamp jaws lock in the closed position ensuring part retention if air pressure is lost. Wide and deep throats accommodate difficult clamping applications.
  • Available with fixed or spherical mounting brackets for side or rear mounting. Two adjustable hardened steel impact plates eliminate damage from panel impact.

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