How 3D Product Configurator Software Solved Hans’ Problem

Industrial parts buyers have a problem. They can spend hours thumbing through paper catalogs as thick as a phonebook. Finding the exact part they need can be pretty tough, especially when there are hundreds of configurable options and variations. You would need a slide-rule and an engineering degree to get the right part the first time.

Check out Misumi’s video “Meet Hans” to see how Product Configurator Software gave their customers a remarkable ordering experience.

So just use the manufacturer’s website. Right?

If the part is made by a company with an “online catalog” made the old way, it can be just as tough as the paper catalog, because you’re just flipping through web pages instead of physical pages. This was an issue manufacturing catalog giant Misumi tackled when they decided to add an interactive online product configurator to simplify the ordering process.


The goal: Create an intuitive, easy-to-use catalog that ANYONE can navigate. Integrate it with e-commerce, pricing and shipping so it can easily be ordered.


Misumi’s catalog has more than 2000 pages of products. When all configurable options and variations are factored in, each page has more than 90 BILLION SKU’s. Do that math on that:

90,000,000,000 parts x 2000 pages = a lot of SKU’s

If the purchasing department didn’t know EXACTLY what they were ordering, things could get out of hand. Using CADENAS PARTsolutions product configurator software, they fulfilled their dream of having the “World’s Easiest” product catalog, in addition to the title of “The World’s Largest”.


Thanks to Misumi for creating this fantastic video, which truly illustrates the value of what CADENAS PARTsoltutions has to offer. We have solved the similar issues for companies large and small, to find out more about how your customers select the parts they use every day, click below.

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Adam Beck

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