What Is DCX / Digital Customer Experience?

What is Digital Customer Experience?

If #DCX isn’t your company’s mantra for business in the digital industry, you might just be waving your customers “goodbye”.


If you live by “Customer is King,” you need to know Digital Customer Experience (DCX).

But, what is DCX exactly?


Digital customer experience is the impression that a customer walks away with after all the digital interactions between the customer and a company.

Much like visitors to your storefront, you want online customers to have a positive experience when they visit your website. On-demand access to information, ease-of use, personalization – the factors that make for a great physical customer experience are still relevant online.

You wouldn’t skip customer service training for your staff if you had a brick-and-mortar retail business. Think of your website as your storefront, and take the time to tailor the experience to work for your online customers.


Give engineers the best digital customer experience, and watch your inbound sales skyrocket. Here’s how.


What is Digital Customer Experience?


Why DCX?

Short answer: to boost lead conversion, to build customer loyalty and to increase sales.

When customers enjoy the process of doing business with you, they will come back to your site for future purchases. And hopefully, they will recommend your site to other engineers.

But DCX isn’t just for your customers. In fact, the true value of a creating a great digital customer experience on your website is its ability to convert leads into customers.


DCX dictates whether or not someone will become your customer.

The quality of a lead’s digital interactions with your company’s website will dictate what he thinks about your company and the overall buying experience. If the buying experience meets his standards, he will likely become a customer and someday a loyal customer and promoter.

To give an example, here’s an insight from our Industrial Sales and Marketing Report. One download from your online configurator = one lead. Because the configurator tool is designed with DCX in mind, we know most leads will return to purchase that part.

The results were jaw-dropping: Not only did 81% of leads go on to purchase the downloaded product, each download averaged over 16 product purchases from that lead. Talk about an ROI for online customer experience!


The Ultimate Guide to DCX: Everything you need to know about digital customer experience in the manufacturing industry.


What is Digital Customer Experience?


So, what makes a great digital customer experience?

The digital customer experience is limited to only the experiences the customer has through a digital interphase, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone. And as more customers move online and out of the office, manufacturers must consider how their content is optimized for these various platforms.

Do you have an app where customers can access products and information? Is your website easy to read on a smart phone’s small screen? All these details matter to customers and impact their buying experience with you.

The speed at which your website pages load, how easy it is for visitors to find the parts they need, how much (or how little) information you give them access to before visitors have to log in, mobile optimization… these are the digital interactions between your company and potential customers.

Each digital interaction with your website should guide the user through the buyer’s journey. A simple website design, on-demand data access, product details and graphics, transparent pricing – your goal is to make it easy for the lead to say “yes”.

What is Digital Customer Experience?


In Summary

The arena may be new, but the strategy is not.

Experts say companies across all industries should create a strategy for improving their digital customer experience in order to develop more loyal customers and more sales. For industrial manufacturers, creating a remarkable customer experience for your online customers is essential to success.

To those manufacturers who have not yet embraced the digital trend, the time is now. Those who don’t risk falling behind forward-thinking companies and out of the game in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

To improve your digital customer experience, manufacturers must first optimize their website for the customer. Then take a look at our resources to help you better understand your online customers and to build a better #DCX.


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