Extreme DIY Engineering: Build Your Own Custom Racing Simulator Rig from 80/20 Inc.

Upgrade Your Racing Game With This Easy-To-Assemble DIY Project

Want to upgrade your racing experience? T-slot extrusion manufacturer 80/20 Inc. released their new Xtreme DIY project that car enthusiasts will love: The Racing Simulator Rig.

There are many other racing simulator rig designs you can find online. But do you want your rig to look the same as everyone else’s? Of course not! You want your design to be original.

With 80/20’s simple project design, you can customize a rig to your exact specifications. And because 80/20 uses accessible and affordable materials, including T-slots and fasteners, it’s easy to assemble and modify your rig in the future. Hello, cup holders!

In the video above, 80/20 walks through the basics of creating your own custom racing simulator. You’ll learn how to design, refine and assemble your own rig using T-slots and other accessible parts. And visit 8020.net to download the full project plan.

Here are the components you’ll need:

  • An adjustable seat mount
  • A strong and flexible T-slot frame
  • Pedal mounts
  • A wheel stand
  • An adjustable monitor stand

In case you need more inspiration to get started, check out these customized simulator rigs:


8080 DIY racing simulator
8020 racing simulator complete
8020 racing simulator

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