The Engineering Behind the World’s Largest Super Soaker

This Ultimate Water Gun Can Blast Through Watermelons and Glass!

Summertime is here, and it’s time to find a better way to stay cool. Water gun fights are a classic way to have fun while cooling down at the same time.

Think you had the best water gun on your street? Check out Mark Rober’s super soaker. Rober spent 6 months constructing a record-breaking Super Soaker that is up to seven feet long! Let’s take a look!


The Engineering Behind the World’s Largest Super SoakerThe History of the Super Soaker

Mark has always been fascinated by the way Super Soakers worked, so he decided to make his own, but not without first consulting the inventor of the Super Soaker, Lonnie Johnson. Johnson explains he first came up with the idea in 1982 when experimenting with a project for work. Johnson says he was in his bathroom when he shot water through a nozzle across the room, thus leading to the Super Soaker.

The Comparison

When constructing his record-breaking water gun, Rober looked to use the same principles as the original Super Soaker. Despite using just two gallons of water along with a high-power nitrogen tank to force water out the tube, Rober’s Super Soaker is almost the same model and shape as Johnson’s water gun. In the original Super Soaker, the water is stored at the top of the gun, but Rober’s is stored in the bottom for stability. 

The Details

The pressure of the gun is much stronger than the original, shooting at 2400 PSI compared to 40 PSI. With pressure that high, it has 8x more pressure than a firetruck hose! Rober also has two interchangeable nozzles, one with a small diameter opening for high stream velocity and another with a wider diameter for maximum water output.

In Summary

Whether you’re a water gun fanatic or you just enjoy building things, Mark Rober’s Super Soaker is pretty fantastic to say the least. If you want to learn how to make a replica of this gun, check out the instructions on Rober’s friend’s channel: I Like To Make Stuff!

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