The Morgan 3-Wheeler is a WWII Fighter Plane for the Road

This Three Wheeled Terroor isn’t Techinically a Car…So What is It?


Once upon a time there was a little automobile manufacturer that did things a lot differently.

How different? How about wooden frames? Aluminum bodies spaped like u-boats? Air-cooled motorcycle engines on the outside of the body?

Yes, we’re talking the iconic British manufacturer Morgan – who have come and gone more than a few times over the 100 or-so-year history of the motor vehicle. They always manufactured vehicles with craftsmanship and quality at the forefront, even though that didn’t always translate to sales.

Started in 1911 – Morgan originally went out of business in 1959. With their most recent resurrection in 2003, they are now celebrating 100 years since their founding, with a reincarnation of their original vehicle – the Morgan 3 wheeler. Not only is this vehicle a throwback to their early history, but thanks to its 3 wheel configuration, it’s not technically a car…Since it’s not a car – it’s only held to the motorcycle safety and emissions regulations. That translates into more fun!


  • Engine: V-Twin (think custom motorcycle engine)
  • Displacement: 2L (2000 cc in motorcycle language – much more impressive)
  • Horsepower: 82 hb
  • Zero to 60: 6 seconds
  • Weight: 1200 lb (that’s less than half what a new Honda Civic weighs)


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Adam Beck

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