Steel-Belted Pillow Monster Gets Closer to Fireworks Than You Can

Watch this madman build a hydro-formed suit of armor to withstand a close-range explosion

Let me begin by saying this: The guy who built King Arthur’s suit of armor is rolling over in his grave. He spent decades learning his craft. Now, his meticulous work of crafting a perfectly tailored suit of armor has been modernized by a spaz with a garden hose.

In the dark ages, it would take weeks or months to hand hammer the material for a suit of armor. Even with modern tools like a Pull-max, planishing hammer, or English wheel, this would be a major undertaking for many, many hours. This shed-dwelling mad scientist whipped out a suit of armor in a fraction of the time – albeit with far less “precise” results.

Behold: The Steel-Belted Pillow Monster (Really. Don’t do this at home)

Colin Furze, screw-ball extraordinaire, wanted to get a little closer to a fireworks display, and by “a little closer,” I mean right in the middle of it. Instead of opting for one of those “hurt-locker” suits (a logical choice), he made a pillow-shaped steel suit by pumping a $#!t-load of water into a flat-welded enclosure. Essentially, he created a backyard hydro-form by using a pressure washer, with pretty good results. I hope he brings some earplugs because it looks like it may get loud inside that tin can!


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