Death of the Graphing Calculator: DESMOS App

How Desmos changed the graphing world for the better by providing on-demand tools for their users

Think back to middle school, and remember the black brick your parents had buy you in order to keep up with your peers in math. Yes, the trusty TI-84 (or TI-82, TI-83, TI-85). 

According to Moore’s Law: “the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years,” meaning most computers become obsolete every two years. Any computer purchased in 1990’s is obsolete…except the TI-84 graphing calculator, it has lasted well beyond it’s shelf-life 

What was once top-of-the-line technology when it was released in the 1990’s had become a rite-of-passage for all students. To properly learn Algebra and Calculus students need the ability to graph formulas, how has this aging technology changed in the past 20+ years?

online graphing calculator

The TI-84 everyone knew and loved in middle school cost about $120.00, with a fraction of the processing power of modern tech. It’s amazing that students had no option but to purchase an expensive “calculator” built on vintage hardware and software when they all have a super-computer (smart phone) at their fingertips.

Well, the future of middle school math has officially arrived! The newest graphing calculator is right on your own computer. Soon students can say goodbye to the large and clunky TI-84, and hello to new technology – based on that super-computer in their pocket!

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online graphing calculator

Introducing the Desmos online graphing calculator app! or download from your app store

But, Desmos isn’t just an affordable alternative, it actually offers more capabilities than an average graphing calculator and can function on something everyone is familiar with, computers and smartphones.

This program is even endorsed by the College Board and can be utilized in tests like the SAT. You may wonder, what makes this suitable for testing? If it’s online, wouldn’t students just cheat? Well, Desmos already answered this concern by allowing their calculator to be directly embedded in the test, cutting off access to the rest of the web. Neat!

online graphing calculator

Technology strives to make creation immediate, and the world has come to expect this. As Desmos provides a fast alternative to a graphing calculator, the internet also provides a faster way for engineers to access the parts they need.

The time of waiting for engineers to send hand-drawn images to clients is long gone, and the time of simple, online, 3D CAD modeling is here. At CADENAS PARTsolutions, we hel manufacturers provide their users with immediate downloads in their native CAD format. We make our technology easy and accessible to all users by using innovation and a simple interface, allowing the engineers of the future to expand their horizons.


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