Smalley Wave Springs Reduce Spring Heights by 50%


The unique design of the Smalley Wave Springs allows for tight fits and space saving, giving coil springs a run for their money.


The spring features a carbon or stainless steel body with a wave like frame that curves and shreds its way up and around the spring, giving it a lightweight coil that makes it the biggest space saver on the market.



The job of the spring is to store mechanical energy and bear loads, with the wave design it compensates for dimensional variation within assemblies, reducing the spring operation height.

With fewer materials to manufacture the spring, the same amount of linear force and a smaller assembly size, the wave spring is a cheaper alternative to the classic coil spring. Smalley offers 4,000 wave springs, all of which are completely customizable, with nine different types, to find the right fit for any application.

Wave springs can be found solving space requirements for engineers in Aerospace, Medical, Off-highway and Oil & Gas Industries. Some of the most well-known wave spring applications are in aerospace electrical connectors, flow valves, pressure relief valves, water valves, rotary unions, pumps, floating gears and many more unique machine operations.

Wave springs are just one of the fully customizable products that Smalley has to offer, all of which can be viewed and customized right on the Smalley website thanks to the embedded eCATALOG powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions.

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