A Fun Father-Daughter Project Becomes an Efficiency Challenge!


Kyle Bollendorf and his daughter, Laurel, love to work together in their workshop. The only problem was that Laurel needed her own toolbox, and what’s a better way to get one than to make one together!


You Can Make a Toolbox with Only a 2x4?


Now, you may be thinking that this is as simple as any old project, but Kyle never turns down a challenge. So, he decided to enter the annual Summer’s Woodworking 2×4 Challenge with this creation.

When it comes to single board wood-working, measurement and planning is a must. The duo couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. Even so, Kyle recognizes the importance of letting his daughter do her part.

“I wanted to keep her involved so I made sure she could mark out the pieces, hammer some nails, and screw in the hardware. This project was a blast for both of us”


You Can Make a Toolbox with Only a 2x4?


Their project was a huge success. Not only did they make memories that would last a lifetime, but also an awesome toolbox!

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Laura Caudill

Laura Caudill is a junior at Miami University studying strategic communication and political science. Interests include reading, critiquing films to her friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. She currently resides in Cincinnati, OH with her dog, Shadow.