Fourth of July is right around the corner and America is best known for celebrating by lighting up the night skies with some crazy firework shows, don’t try this at home!

  The idea of the firework has been around since 200 BC over time they’ve evolved to include different chemicals to emit different colors and explosions. In the United States, we mostly use fireworks to celebrate special occasions, creating a vibrant light show to go along with the celebration of our nation’s birth. To kick off your Fourth of July celebration, check out these five over-the-top firework tricks:  

5,000 fireworks take the form of the death star and light up the sky with massive explosions.


300 Rockets set off all at once!


Firework experiment gone right, 500 fireworks set off simultaneously  


Biggest firework EVER detonated in North America


Damage Control! These firecrackers can make just about anything explode

    Crazy right?! Fireworks can really light up any celebration and these shows set the bar high for an average block party firework show. Just make sure you’ve got red, white and blue, and you’ll be all set with a cold brew, ‘Merica! CADENAS PARTsolutions wishes you a Happy Fourth of July. via GIPHY

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