Motorcycle Jumps Airplane: 20 Stupid Things You Should Never Do

There’s a well-known list of “Stupid Things You should Never Do,” and amazingly this video incorporates two of the top ten items on that list. Flying a biplane 6 feet from the ground and jumping a 40 foot gap on a dirt-bike are both pretty crazy ideas, of course somebody had to combine them! Watch this crazy stunt as a dirt bike jumps a flying airplane!


Oh, you want the list?

20 Stupid Things You Should Never Do

  1. Slap a sasquatch
  2. Play catch with a javelin
  3. Fly a bi-plane 6 feet from the ground
  4. Place bets on the outcome of the movie Titanic
  5. Give a baboon a wedgie
  6. Jump a 40 foot gap on a dirt bike
  7. Wrestle a bear
  8. Tell Mike Tyson he talks funny or insult his tattoo
  9. Gargle with hot sauce
  10. Have a staring contest with a timber wolf
  11. Steal Oreos form the Cookie Monster
  12. Let Lucy be your holder for a fieldgoal
  13. Do a cannonball into the McDonalds ball-pit
  14. Ask a honey badger to scratch your back
  15. Peel an orange with a paper cut
  16. Trust a Clown
  17. Give an “Indian Burn” to a rattlesnake
  18. Attempt to memorize the Billy Joel song “We didn’t start the fire” or the R.E.M. song “It’s the end of the world as we know it”
  19. Bungee jump in Kazakhstan
  20. Kiss a catfish

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