Adam Savage’s Lifelike Robot Spider!

You know Adam Savage as one of the key members of the Mythbusters team. They test stories, myths and legends to see if they have any truth to them. One way or another, they always manage to spectacularly blow things up in the process.

Adam and his co-conspirator, Jamie Hyneman, cut their teeth as special effects artists and puppeteers for movies and TV, so Adam’s affinity for robotic arachnids is no surprise. He also loves odd and strange creations of all-kinds, making the Robo Spider a no-brainer.

Known as the T8 or T8X, by Robugtix (pronounced ro-bug-tix) the beautifully detailed robo spider features life-like movement from the 26 micro servo motors.

lifelike robot spider

More about the T8X (From Robugtix)

Featuring the Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine from the same creators of the original T8, it includes all the bells and whistles of the original version, plus more!  The Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine handles all the complex math calculations necessary for controlling multi-legged walking robots.  All complex computations are safely hidden from the user similar to a black box.  This means that the user only has to send short and simple commands to the robot (for example, instructing it to walk forward at a desired speed) and the engine will automatically take care of all the details, including inverse kinematics, leg trajectory planning, leg gait coordination, motor control, etc.  This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to play with advanced robotics.

lifelike robot spider

Key Specifications:

  • Injection molded exoskeleton
  • Wirelessly controlled via Wi-Fi
  • Ability to share scripts with others
  • Ability to communicate with other T8X
  • Remotely accessible from anywhere with Wi-Fi connection
  • Optional serial communications pins for direct control and custom development
  • Powered by 26 advanced Robugtix servo motors with PID control and customization features
  • Touch sensing capabilities
  • Built-in battery charging system
  • Rechargeable batteries included

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