Why Your Digital 3D Parts Should Be Like a “Bean Block” – Black Bean Brownie

Industrial Manufacturers Building Healthier Marketing Plans with Next-Generation 3D Parts Catalogs.

A little back story here – I’m a carnivore who has been married to a very health-conscious vegetarian for almost exactly two years. She’s awesome, and the fact that I eat meat like Fred Flintstone isn’t an issue for her at all.

We only have one food-related issue: when she cooks, she’s always adding sneaky little bits of “healthy stuff” into our meals. I now require full disclosure of all ingredients after unknowingly consuming a copious amount of bran-laced pancakes one Sunday morning.

One of her favorite crafty creations is what we affectionately call “bean logs” “bean blocks” – which seem to be normal run-of-the-mill chocolate brownies. The difference? These brownies are made with “boxed” brownie mix and none of the usual eggs, water, milk or cooking oil, but instead you use a whole can of black beans.

I know. It sounds disgusting, but it’s not. They look, smell and taste just like a real brownie. The only difference is they are “good for you” and they’re about as filling as a baked potato.

Don’t take my word for it.  Get the recipe!

So what the heck does this have to do with digital 3D parts?

You can have your digital 3D parts the way they’ve always been made. It’s quick and easy to make a static IGES, DXF or STEP file. These “neutral” models have little substance to them since they don’t have the rich meta-data that comes in a native file, and they work poorly in most 3D CAD systems. These files are the engineering version of hollow calories. They’re full of crap that you really don’t need, and they lack any of the substance you DO NEED.

What if you had the coolest, new-age configurable CAD Models, packed with all kinds of good stuff that makes you and your customer happier? Fortified with more than 150 CAD and graphics formats, these will satisfy even the hungriest engineering appetite. Plus you get emailed a list of leads for everyone who downloaded.

Now you and your prospects can hook-up and swap recipes!

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Adam Beck

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